February 21, 2014

New help for children in Old Serbia

In the new action in Old Serbia, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped families Petrovic and Guskin from Kuceviste and family Bravo from Skopje, whom we visited during last year. The total amount of help was 2.000 € (BILLS). With the help of Center Spona in Skopje, we provided joinery installation on the rebuilt part of the house. For the three pupils from the Guskin family we provided a computer. The rest of the money was used for the medical care and medicine for one of the family members. A seven-member family Bravo received the means for the heating during the winter.


Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in the partnership with Spona has conducted its actions to the families in Old Serbia two years ago, and it will be continued in the forthcoming period. The first of those actions was conducted within the Christmas action. The last action of help was conducted before Easter, and the money raised for this area was 2.000 €.

Family Petrovic, summer 2013.

The first two families live in the majority Serbian village Kuceviste. Family of Srecko and Ljiljana Petrovic has four children: Anastasija (7), Svetlana (3), Petar (6) and Kristijan (eight and a half months). Father Srecko up until recently was employed in the industrial facility in Skopje. He managed to build the walls of the house, buy a tractor on loan and provide elementary living conditions for his children. However, his firm went bankrupt, and he lost his job. After selling the cow, the family didn't have enough money for equiping the house. We provided new front door and two windows for the family.

Family Guskin, summer 2013.

Lenka and Zlatko Guskin have three children: Nikola (15), Aleksandar (13) and Ivana (9). We provided a new computer for them, and the rest of the money will be used for Lenka's treatments in Belgrade.

Family Bravo, summer 2013.

The last family we visited was the family of priest Simeon and his wife Angelina Bravo, who have five children: Jovan (19), Marija (16), Ana (14), Grigorije (12) and Teofanija (10). Father Simeon is a priest within the Ochrid Archbishopric, which is functioning in Macedonia as the Christianity in the first centuries, except that the catacombs are replaced with apartments and houses. Family Bravo is under a great preasure. The children are being harassed by their teachers and pupils. The family is facing with big utility bills, so we provided money in order to prevent cutting electricity and water to this endangered family.  

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