June 27, 2015

New economic projects on Kosmet

Thanks to the long-standing fraternal cooperation between the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS and the Eparchy charity organization “Majka devet Jugovica” from Gracanica, another big economic project of cow farm was commenced in the Novo Brdo municipality. The organization SERBS FOR SERBS financed the first phase of works in the amount of 715.000 dinars. The production of the cow milk would complete the work of the existing dairy in Novo Brdo, in which the goat milk from the nearby goat farm is being processed. Apart from the milk production, the cow farm should be expanded over time to the cattle and cow breeding for the socially disadvantaged families throughout Kosovo and Metohija.


The existing object was once used for sheep breeding, and for the needs of the cow farm it would be adjusted with the necessary construction material, equipment, building of the drainage channels, cesspit, as well as threshing barn and silage pool. Apart from that, the well for the drinking water will be dug out. 


The project of the cow farm will employ at least two people who will feed, clean and milk the cows through the electric milking machine. The value of the machine is 350 EUR, and two of them are needed. In this manner, two Serbian families can stay and economically survive on Kosovo and Metohija.



We should point out that the money from selling the excess calves would be used for public kitchens. Over 2.000 of the socially disadvantaged people from the Kosovo-Metohija enclaves is using the public kitchen services each day, and the everyday meal allowance and a piece of bread mean a lot in their survival in these area. Considering the great costs of sustaining the public kitchens, every income is of great significance, and the realization of this project would provide additional income.




Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS will continue to promote and support new sustainable economic projects on Kosovo and Metohija, but also throughout Balkan, with the aim of sustainable economic survival of the Serbian people in its ancestral homes. At the same time, the organization SERBS FOR SERBS is publicly appealing to all state institutions, public and private companies and other similar charity associations to SUPPORT FUTURE PROJECTS of our organization which will contribute to better future for the Serbian people, and above all for socially disadvantaged families and their posterity.

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