October 06, 2015

New bathroom for Vojnics in Boljevac

On Saturday, September 26, representatives of the organization SERBS FOR SERBS conducted a working visit to Boljevac. The reason for visiting this beautiful place located at the foot of the mountain Rtanj was very nice – only a month and a half after the second annual “Trojka iz bloka” in a row was held, the works on reconstruction and equipping of the bathroom for family Vojnic came to an end and thus marked the end of action of help to this seven-member family! Family Vojnic consists of father Sinisa and mother Sladjana with their five daughters – Sandra (20), Sanja (16), Sara (13), Saska (9) and Sofija (3).

Members of family Vojnic in their home with the representatives of the organization

On this occasion we thank our friends from the Sport Alliance of Boljevac Municipality, all the sponsors and people of good will from Boljevac who made joint effort and contributed to keeping one of the most successful tournaments “Trojka iz bloka” and to realize the goal we all set before the tournament – to help the Vojnics.

Layout of the bathroom in family Vojnic home

State of the family Vojnic bathroom during the first visit

State of the family Vojnic bathroom during the first visit

Little Sofija in her new bathroom

However, the best came right before the end of the reconstruction of the bathroom for Vojnics. The biggest and greatest verification that “Trojka iz bloka” leaves nobody indifferent, whether people who are helping or the ones who are being helped, came from family Milosavljevic from the Lukovo village near Boljevac, whom we also helped in building and equipping the bathroom and by providing a cow and a calf after the first “Trojka iz bloka” help in this town. Namely, the Milosavljevics contacted us and expressed the desire to donate the calf which we bought for them last year, and which grew up into a healthy heifer, to the Vojnics in order to contribute and help others in the same manner help was offered to them.

The most beautiful present to Vojnics from their fellow citizens Milosavljevics from Boljevac

Precisely these gestures, when one socially disadvantaged family “stands on its feet” and become a donor to another socially disadvantaged family, represent the peak of our work because they send clear message to us and our friends and donors worldwide that the mission of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS is not only an ideal to which we aim, but the goal we can surely achieve together! With God’s help, we will shoot three-pointers the next year again and help the socially disadvantaged families in Boljevac and its surrounding.

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS calls upon all friends and donors worldwide to DONATE and thus support new actions of helping families throughout the Balkan, in order to secure the future of the Serbian people.


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