June 15, 2015

New bathroom for Stevanovic family

During May, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped the seven-member Stevanovic family from the village of Goracici, Lucani Municipality, by renovating their bathroom. The family consists of the unemployed parents, Zivorad and Ivana, and their five children, Aleksa (15), Luka (14), Lazar (12), Matija (10), and the youngest, Iva (8). We had visited the Stevanovic family the year before and arranged the bathroom renovation, using the funds collected at the charity tournament, “Trojka iz Bloka” in Lucani. The total value of the aid was 93,531 RSD.

The Stevanovic family lives in very hard living conditions, but God blessed them with five beautiful children and the strength of spirit and mind, which keeps this house honest and honorable. Everything about them is modest and noble. The father, Zivorad, does all kinds of work throughout Lucani and Guca and even Serbia and the region. The father, although not an educated man, taught his children good manners, virtues and determination.

The oldest son is planning on going to high school in Cacak; he is dreaming of enrolling the Academy in Belgrade. He reads a lot and he loves reading about the history of the Serbian people. The youngest child, the only daughter, princess and favorite of older brothers, is finishing the first grade of primary school, and her favorite subject is Serbian. Third grader, fifth grader and seventh grader have their hound dogs each. They play with a ball all around the yard and they are very cheerful, and at the same time, they take care of cattle and poultry at their small, but rich farm. People who have the will to do something, they do it, and the best example for this is the head of this family. He refused help from the state, and he managed to clear all his debts that he owed to the state. He had an electricity debt, but he managed to pay it off.

The wall was knocked down between the old pantry and the bathroom, so a new and more spacious bathroom could be built for the Stevanovic family

This is what the pantry looked like before the wall was knocked down

The state of the old bathroom when we first visited the Stevanovic family

New bathroom of the Stevanovic family from Goricici near Lucani

The father, Zivorad, is grateful for the help

The host has been helped by good people from all around, known and unknown, but times change, and things change, people come and go, and life goes on. But, Zivorad and his hard working wife, together with their five children, keep on struggling for existence every day.

Aleksa, Iva, Marija, Lazar and Luka Stevanovic thank all donors for the given help

The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS calls upon all friends and donors of the organization to join our fundraising action to help this family and other socially disadvantaged Serbian families with multiple children.

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