April 27, 2015

New bathroom for Simic family

Report: SFS Belgrade /RECEPTS/
The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS helped the five-member Simic family from the village of Stitari near Sabac. The family consists of the single mother, Joka, and her children: Ljubomir (14), Stefan (12), and the twins, Ivan and Ivana (10). We helped them by completely renovating their bathroom, including water supply lines and electrical installations, tiles, sanitary ware and the water heater, in the total amount of 72,725 RSD.

Present look of the new bathroom in the Simic family home

The Simic family currently lives on child benefit (which is 10,000 RSD) and 15,000 RSD of welfare. They are planning on starting a small pig farm, so building works on their pigsty are in progress.

The start of building a future pigsty

The plot where the Simic family plans on engaging in subsistence farming

Firewood provided for both last and next winter

The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS calls upon all friends and donors of the organization to join our fundraising action to help this family and other socially disadvantaged Serbian families with multiple children.

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