October 10, 2015

New bathroom for Rodics in Novi Sad

The sport-charity tournament in fast shooting of three-pointers “Trojka iz bloka” was held in Novi Sad on May 23, when thanks to the proud sponsors and 157 applied contestants we collected 232.710 dinars and 100 EUR. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs thanks everyone for supporting the tournament and is pleased to announce that the project of building and equipping the bathroom to family Rodic from Stari Ledinci is successfully finished! Members of the family are parents Dejan and Aleksandra with their son Stefan (12) and daughters Lena (8) and Teodora (6). The total value of the material and works was 323.988 dinars

The state of the house prior to the beginning of works on building the bathroom

Construction works on the new Rodic family bathroom

Current layout of the family Rodic bathroom

Novi Sad showed how it takes care of its residents in the most beautiful manner! We wrote of the five-member family Rodic and the situation in which they live prior to the tournament in Novi Sad, during the tournament “Trojka iz bloka”, and Radio Television Vojvodina made a reportage which can be seen in the following video:

Today, several months later, we will write only one thing – we expanded their house by building the bathroom, but in that manner we spread their views, pointed to new chances and opportunities and to a number of people throughout the world who are there for them when it is the hardest. When it is the hardest, we should work the most – the Rodics have used some of the remaining material after building the house and the bathroom, collected additional means and renovated the kitchen by dividing it into half. We found two rooms when we met this hardworking and honest family – now there are four!

Lena, Stefan and Teodora Rodic in their new bathroom

New future in Novi Sad! In the Rodic house in Stari Ledinci everything is now new! With the help of donors and sponsors, with much work, bricks and blocks, something big, indescribably and invisible, but yet – bright and full of hope – the future! We all gathered and lent a hand to family Rodic and led them to a better tomorrow. Everyone contributed on his way and every help is big, which is best shown in the big result! We particularly thank to company Milinkovic which was transporting the necessary material free of charge and thus saved significant amount of money in this project.

Happy, satisfied and grateful family Rodic

When everything was over, we visited the Rodics in their home, from where they send cordial greetings to everyone. Check for yourself in the video:

The youngest Rodics said: THANKS EVERYONE! And we say: thanks and see you again next year in Novi Sad!

Become the part of “Trojka iz bloka”!

Serbs for Serbs with family Rodic in front of the house

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS
calls upon all the friends and donors of the organization to get involved in the action of collecting money for helping this and other socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families.

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