October 30, 2015

New bathroom for Pesic family from Kraljevo

Although the season of the “Trojka iz Bloka” tournaments is officially over, members of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS continue their activities related to this sports-charity project. Hence, on October 23, organization representatives, Mladen Matijasevic and Milos Simovic, visited the nine-member Pesic family from the village of Samajla near Kraljevo. This family was chosen for bathroom construction and fit-out as part of this year’s “Trojka iz Bloka” held on April 13 in the city on the Ibar. The project was successfully finished and its total value was 225,821 Dinars.

The state of the bathroom when we first visited the Pesic family

New bathroom in the Pesic family home

It is always nice to go back to Kraljevo, where we started the forth and most successful season of our charity outdoor 3-point shooting tournaments this year. However, this visit was especially important and dear to us because of the fact that nine Pesic family members – the parents, Tomo and Gordana, and their seven underage children: Ivana (12), Igor (11), Ivan (10), Ivona (8), Irena (5), Isidora (4), and Lena (2), will no longer have numerous problems caused by not having a bathroom.

The state of the bathroom when we first visited the Pesic family

New bathroom in the Pesic family home

The Kraljevo “Trojka”, held on April 13, raised 91,160 Dinars, and the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS provided the rest of the money in order to successfully finish another project of helping socially disadvantaged multiple children families. The total sum needed for the project was 223,476 Dinars.

We opened the Kraljevo Tournament, held on Easter Monday, with the most joyful Christian greeting “Rejoice – Christ is Risen” and seven months later we acclaim happily and gratefully “Indeed – He is Risen”, because thanks to people of good will who responded and participated in the tournament and also to the sponsor of the first “Trojka iz Bloka” in Kraljevo – “Gala Market” company, indeed a hope in a better life of the Pesic family has risen.

Parents with their children in front of the new bathroom

Serbs for Serbs with the Pesic family in front of their house

There is no doubt that we will shoot 3-Pointers for disadvantaged families in Kraljevo again next year and on Easter Monday, too. Hence, we invite people, public and private companies, sports clubs, local community representatives and print and electronic media, to respond in even larger number, and thus contribute to the tournament in the way they can – through participation, donations, sponsorship, reports and news. Let us join forces and help even more socially disadvantaged multiple children families in the area of Kraljevo.


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