November 11, 2016

New bathroom for Nikolic family

Members of the Charity organization "Serbs for Serbs" visited a seven-member family Nikolic from Poljane near the city of Obrenovac on Octobar, 20. The reason was making a report about the help provided for this family. The total value of the help is 576.517 dinars and it includes making of a new, completely equipped bathroom, well-drilling and providing hydrophore, plumbing work, sewerage, material for cesspool, power for the bathroom, kitchen and hydrophore, smoothing wall layer, laminate and buying trimmer and wood burning stove. The help was provided by the Parish-school municipality of Gracanica in Windsor, Canada, the tournaments "Trojka iz Bloka" in Obrenovac, Paviljon, 23rd block and the section of Performing Arts at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade which organized a charity play "Talks between men and women" in the end of May.

We remind you that the family Nikolic consists of a father Zlatko, mother Sanja and children Dusan (14), Andrijana (9), Teodora (5), Pavle (4) and Mladen (2). Both parents are unemployed. They live of social and child benefit help and father Zlatko is giving his best to earn some money by wage contracts. The house they live in is a donation of a good-hearted people and they live there from the last year. This donation was of great help for them so that they could live in decent conditions for the 21st century.

The biggest wish of the youngest family members was to get their bathroom and our Organization provided even more than that. Now they can continue their life more comfortably. Here you can see the process of making a bathroom for the family Nikolic:

We also provided a wood burning stove for the family:

Then, buying trimmer as a part of the help:

We also helped in providing hydrophore and plumbing system in the house: We invite all the people who are interested to support projects of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs by some monthly donations in order to help as many multi-member families as possible across the Balkans. The help needed is, unfortunately, enormous!

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