November 23, 2015

New bathroom for Makrenic family from Borca

On June 20 and 21, there was a two-day event under the name of “Weekend of the Trojka iz Bloka”, which was part of the “Trojka iz Bloka” Tournaments, and it was held in Palilula. Five months after the event, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the six-member Makrenic family from the Belgrade neighborhood of Borca. The family was provided with a bathroom, which significantly improved their quality of life. Once again, we have shown that there are no impossible things when it comes to the “Trojka iz Bloka” and all the people gathered around it. This time, the “recipe for success” was applied to the Makrenic family home, which delighted the youngest family members – Jelena (19), Jablan (18), Mihailo (10), and Anastasia (6), but also their parents, Goran and Ksenija. The value of the project was 227,870.69 Dinars.

The Makrenic family lives in very hard living conditions and the new bathroom significantly improved the living conditions for all family members.

Entrance to the new bathroom

Mihailo and Anastasia Makrenic in their new bathroom

We would like to extend our hearty gratitude to our dear sponsors and true friends of the project who are responsible for successfully conducting the eleventh in a row “Trojka iz Bloka” charity action this year: the Tara motel, companies “I-tech Elite”and “Vellux“, “Auto Kes” auto center, “Easy” exchange office and vehicle registration agency, cafes “Eho”, “No Stress”, and “Ragina Glava”. See you again next year in Palilula at new tournaments and with new victories in fights for helping those in need.

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