January 09, 2013

New bathroom for family Todorovic

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited family Todorovic from the village Vodice near Smederevska Palanka on Sunday, December 16. After the first visit in October, the organization has provided two new double-decker beds for the children (46,000 dinars), isolation material for part of the house and material for building a bathroom (162,000 dinars), which Ratko, father of the family, managed to equip himself.
Very difficult conditions in which Njegos (12), Jovana (10), Jovan (8), Luka (6), Stefan (5), their parents Ratko and Zemka and Ratko's sick mother Dobrila live, forced the organization to help this family in several occasions, so that they could stand on their feet, and manage to provide the necesarry for living. The first part of the help consisted in getting two new double-decker beds for the youngest.
Thanks to the dedication of Ratko and his friends, the bathroom is finished, and the children will be able to use it like their peers in Serbia.
The help to the family is going to be continued in the next period. The family needs a fridge and an isolation material for second part of the house. We agreed with the parents to get them a cow so that the children could have fresh milk every day, or a calf.
The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs use this opportunity to appeal to Serbian people world wide to send direct help to family Todorovic prior to Christmas, in order to reduce their debts for electricity and utilities, which has grown over 80,000 dinars. For the direct contact with the family, e-mail us to organizacija@srbizasrbe.org.

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