February 26, 2014

New bathroom for family Pejic

On Sunday February 16, a three-member team of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade visited, with the friends of the association Ravnica Srpska from Subotica, family Pejic from Gornji Tavankut near Subotica. The family consists of father Stevan, mother Milena, daughter Milica, sons Slobodan, Miroslav and Nemanja. Within the project Trojka iz bloka, the competition took place in Subotica at the end of last year, and we raised 148.830 dinars for building a bathroom for family Pejic. As a result of the competition, we built and equipped bathroom in the total amount of 210.600 dinars.

Old bathroom of family Pejic

Bathroom from the first visit of SFS

Family Pejic came from Bjelovar after the war in Croatia. The sons work only during the season in the neighboring farms. The oldest son Slobodan has a wife and a child, but they live in Belgrade at her parents' due to bad existential conditions.

Beginig of construction new bathrom

The works on the bathroom encompassed: damming of the room, placing electric and pluming installations and setting the bathroom tiles and sanitary elements, as well as building the cesspit. Apart from that, we built one part of the kitchen.

New bathroom of family Pejic

New kitchen of family Pejic

We use this opportunity to thank the construction firm Gradjevinar Peric from Donji Tavankut, which performed construction works and donated 35.000 dinars through the material and work. We also thank the association Ravnica Srpska, and a vast number of donors and sponsors from Subotica, who enabled us to finish this project.  

Members of Serbs for Serbs with familiy Pejic

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