August 14, 2015

New bathroom for family Gocic from Nis

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs together with the Student-Pupil Association ORNAS from Nis have successfully organized sport-charity project “Trojka iz bloka for two years in a row in the city on Nisava. During the summer we helped the seven-member family Gocic who is living in the Gornji Matejevac village in the Pantelej municipality. The family is consisted of: mother Milena, father Milan and children Iva (7), Ugljesa (5), Vera (4), Nada (4) and Dimitrije (3). We helped them in renovating and equipping the bathroom. The project was realized with the help of the Sport Association of the City of Nis. The total value of help was 114.335 dinars.

The manifestation which celebrates life and the hope for better tomorrow and the community of good people for two years has succeeded in proving and demonstrating its most precious qualities; from the perfect tournaments to the noble and timely help for the socially disadvantaged multiple children families. The residents of Nis felt the mission of “Trojka iz bloka”! During the last year, after the detailed and dedicated work of the ORNAS members, they picked and helped the seven-member family Milojevic, and during this year they helped the seven-member family Gocic! It is easy to calculate a wonderful number – ten children received better and easier life thanks to countless good hearts of their fellow citizens from Nis!

We have already mentioned the Gocic family from Gornji Matvejevac near Nis on the “Trojka iz bloka” website shortly before the tournament which took place on May 16 on the fields of Elementary school “St. Sava”. On that occasion we presented the problems of the Gocic family to the Nis public and proposed the idea of the young people from ORNAS to resolve the problems. Said-done. Family Gocic now has a new bathroom with renovated and refurbished space in the family house in which three generations live and have complex needs.

Look of “bathroom” prior to works

New bathroom of family Gocic

The parents, grandparents and the children who now have a bathroom on the lower floor and another room for children can say thanks to proud sponsors and participants of the tournament “Trojka iz bloka” who collected 104.050 dinars and thus afforded them the easier life in which they can continue fantasizing of further improvement! The noble idea and mission of the sport-charity tournament “Trojka iz bloka” is to provide good conditions for taking care of the hygiene and thus create better conditions for growing up, taking care of themselves, better worldview and better future. Children are our future!

These children now know they are not alone, and that the whole city is ready to stand on its feet and help! In a few years, with the help of God, these children will be young people who will be able to come to “Trojka iz bloka” in Nis and help someone in the same manner they received the much- needed help. Their father Milan wasn’t fortunate in his business, so the hand of help offered by the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and ORNAS came to the right house in which little is needed to come back to the way of progress. We have offered that hand together!

Vera, Ugljesa and Nada Gocic finally have their bathroom

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS calls upon all friends and donors of the organization to get involved in the action of collecting the means for helping this and other socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families.

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