February 28, 2016

New aid for Soup Kitchens at Kosmet

At the beginning of February, the humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs helped the Soup Kitchens in Kosovo and Metohija purchase machines for screening potatoes. The increase in potato production necessitated the purchase of equipment that would make it easier to separate potatoes for consumption from those that would be used in planting additional potato crops. The total amount of donations collected for this project was 100,000 dinars, with 50,000 dinars coming from the Delije Foundation from Belgrade.

Agricultural productivity, supervised by the diocesan humanitarian organization "The Mother of the Nine Jugovics", which also manages the Soup Kitchens, is quite high.  With over 50 tons of potatoes to pick, the newly acquired equipment will be extremely helpful in eliminating work by hand, and will save time and resources. The machine will be in Vrbovec, the largest agricultural area.

We take this opportunity to extend our immense gratitude to donors worldwide for once again answering our appeal to support the Soup Kitchens in Kosovo and Metohija.  Our friends from EHO, The Mother of the Nine Jugovics, want everyone to know how much this continued support means to them.

The humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs will continue to promote and support the new self-sustaining economic projects in Kosovo and Metohija as well as throughout the Balkans, with the aim of achieving sustainable economic survival for the Serbian people in their centuries-old homeland. At the same time, the organization Serbs for Serbs appeals to all state institutions, public and private companies, as well as other humanitarian associations, to support its future projects which will focus on providing a better future for the Serbian people, and especially socially vulnerable families and their children.

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