August 12, 2016

New aid for Babic family from Priboj

Last year, Trojka iz Bloka tournament was held for the first time in Priboj! The town was eager to unite in the aid mission to help the six-member Babic family from the village Gracanica, near Priboj. The family consists of the parents, Obrad and Bojana, and their four children: Andjela (13), Tamara (12), Miljan (8), and Zagorka (3). A lot of people supported the tournament, so the funds were easily raised to build a bathroom in the new house for the six-member family.

Condition of the house before installing new windows

The aid for the Babics arrived at the right time, and they used it to continue working on their house.

Miljan, Tamara, Andjela, and Zagorka Babic

Last year, we promised the family to help them in their future projects, and we kept the promise. When the head of the family, Obrad, contacted us, saying that he roofed the house, but that he cannot afford to buy windows, he immediately got a reply – not in words, but in deeds. Windows and the front door to the value of 70,000 RSD were provided for the first floor of the new Babic family home, and the family now has much better living conditions!

Mother, Bojana, with her children in front of the front door, which will soon be installed

Father, Obrad, with his children in front of the house

We extend our gratitude to the friends from the Pet Plus Prom company from Gornji Milanovac who gave us big discount for the door and windows, and thus directly helped the Babic family. 

Youngest Babic family members extend deep gratitude to donors worldwide

Trojka iz Bloka family never forgets its members and cares for all those families which have been helped and together with all of them heads towards a better future, full of children’s smiles, and with one idea only – CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE

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