November 12, 2015

New aid delivery in Kosmet

This fall, the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS delivered aid to seven families with children in the area of Kosovo and Metohija. The families were previously visited in mid-May as part of the big Easter action. In Zubin Potok, we helped five families: Stanic (electric stove and two bunk beds with mattresses), Lepovic (upright freezer), Ilic (wood-burning stove and washing machine), Rakic (electric stove and freezer), and Djuric (electrical wiring for their home). In Gorazdevac, we helped two families: Jandzikovic (bed) and Simonovic (three beds and washing machine). We owe big gratitude to the brotherhood of the Viski Decani Monastery, who helped us conduct this action.


Two bunk beds with mattresses and electric stove for Stanic family

The Stanic family consists of the parents, Dragutin and Vujika, and their six daughters: Dragana (16), Svetlana (14), Stojana (13), Kristijana (11), Nikolina (10), and Valentina (10). We provided them with two bunk beds and an electric stove.

Upright freezer for Lepovic family

Also in Zubin Potok, we provided the single mother Drita Lepovic and her five-year-old son Aleksandar with an upright freezer. Since they were not at home when we delivered the aid, the freezer will be delivered to them soon.

Wood-burning stove and washing machine for Ilic family

Javorinka Ilic from Zubin Potok is a single mother of four: Marina (27), Marinko (26), Marica (24), and Dragica (24). We provided them with a wood-burning stove and a washing machine.

Freezer and electric stove for Rakic family

Nino (5), Nemanja (13), and Nina (5) Rakic

The single mother
Jadranka Rakic and her three children, Nemanja (13), Nino and Nina (5) were provided with a freezer and an electric stove.

Djuric family from Crepulja village in Zubin Potok

The Djuric family consists of Zoran and Biljana, and their niece Danijela (24), and nephew Velisa (24) with his wife Tanja (19) and son Stefan (six months old). We provided them with electrical wiring for their new home.

Electrical wiring for new Djuric family home

In Gorazdevac, we helped the family of Ljubomir and Mirjana Jandzikovic, with their children, Ninoslav (21) and Neda (20), who has a developmental disorder. We provided them with a bed.

Tomislav and Dragica Simonovic from Gorazdevac

In the same street, we helped the family of Tomislav and Dragica Simonovic, with their five daughters: Tanja (23), Dijana (21), Krstina (18), Tamara (16) and Teodora (16). Three beds and a washing machine will be of great help to the Simonovic family.

We call upon all donors worldwide to support this project and numerous other projects of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS by making REGULAR MONTHLY DONATIONS, so that much needed aid would reach a vast number of socially disadvantaged families and their children as soon as possible.

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