July 08, 2014

Motocultivator for Cosovic's from Pale

Report: Dobrina Kusmuk /CONFIRMATION/
Four years ago Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from the Republic of Srpska helped family Mandicchildren Aleksandar, Aleksandra and Jelena from Pale, when we introduced water into the house and equiped the attic. It was right after the children and their mother Snjezana moved into their grandfather’s house, fleeing from the molesting of their father.

Since we last met, Snjezana married again and gave birth to a girl. Family Mandic (now Cosovic) is still living in the same attic, which was rearranged by Snjezana’s husband. They built a barn for the goats. They are farming around the house, and in the rented land, and they are selling the vegetables they grow.


Older children are helping in agriculture, while the parents are gathering scrap iron as a contribution to the family budget. Family Cosovic has a lot of land in the village, but they don’t have the necesarry appliances to grow it. That was the reason why Snjezana asked us to help them in buying a motocultivator.


In mid-May, during the seedtime we weren’t able to buy them a motocultivator, but we appealed to Kojo Trifkovic, to whom we bought a motocultivator earlier, to help family Cosovic. He was glad to help, and thus he proved that we all make a big family, in which the one who needed help yesterday is today helping others.


Thanks to the great number of donors and friends of our organization worldwide, the action of helping family Cosovic was succesfully finished in mid-June, when an used motocultivator was delivered to their household. The total value of motocultivator was 2.500 KM.


Thanks to that donation the parents can plan serious work to provide the needs of their children.  


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