January 21, 2015

More than a million euros for the children

Source: “Glas Srpske”, Goran Obradovic, journalist
“We’re trying to help the families by providing some basic living conditions, as well as job opportunities, which people could use to earn money for their needs, in time, relying on their own strengths and personal involvement ”, said Igor Rasula, the president of the Charity organization “Serbs for Serbs”, in the interview for “Glas Srpske”. The whole interview may be read in the text following the news.

Glas :  “How much money have you collected so far? Are the Serbs ready to help one another in times of trouble?”

Rasula: “Working up till now, “Serbs for Serbs”organization has collected more than a million euros in donations, certainly the most in the last few months since the project “The fight against the floods”, has been started, this year mid May. Serbian people are definitely ready to help the  families in need, but only when the help is distributed in a transparent and honest way”.

Glas: “What is the feeling you get when you help the families which are at the edge of existence, is that the reason why this organization exists? “

Rasula: The feeling of being helpful to the socially degraded families is the leading force of our organization, so as to turn their difficult present into a brighter future. That is exactly the reason for our organization’s fight to ensure better future for the children.”

Glas: “ What principle are your donations based on? “

Rasula: “ Donations are, primarily collected by the official account of every registered branch of our organization. Moreover, a great number of donors around the world use electronic system for donations, on our official internet site, www.srbizasrbe.org. There are also donation boxes, sports events which we organize (such as “Trojka iz bloka”) , charity dinners, selling T-shirts with Serbian landmarks, etc. “

Glas: “How do you determine who will get the donation and how big are average donations? “

Rasula: “Serbs for Serbs” help is delivered exclusively in goods, according to the needs of the families and their children. So, there are no money donations. We try to provide the families with the basic living conditions, as well as job opportunities which people could use to earn money for their needs, in time, relying on their own strengths and personal involvement. The process of determining who will be helped and how much, begins with the representative of the organization, who visits the family and together with them makes the list of the most needed household items. The amounts of the donations per family vary, but on average, it’s 800 euros. We provide help with equipping and reconstructing houses, agriculture, animal husbandry, land cultivating machines, water and electricity supplying, stable reconstructions, etc. “

Glas: “How many donations have you distributed to Republika Srpska so far? “

Rasula: “ Thanks to numerous members of the “Serbs for Serbs”organization from Republika Srpska, with Mr Dobrin Kusmuk as the president, the organization has helped about a hundred families all around Srpska, with more than 150.000 euros, over the last nine years. We have mostly helped families with five or more children who live in the country or the suburbs.

Glas: “How can people ask for your help? “

Rasula: “ The best way for a family to look for help from us is on our website, www.srbizasrbe.org , electronic mail szsrepublikasrpska@gmail.com , or on our facebook account, www.facebook.com/srbizasrbe .

Glas: “ If someone wishes to join your organization, how can it be done? How can people from Republika Srpska donate money? “

Rasula: “ In our organization, there’s no official membership in a sense that people pay a membership fee, or have their membership cards. Absolutely everyone is welcome to our organization, anyone who can and wants to contribute to providing help for the poor families all around Srpska. The contact itself is made with our people on the field. As for donations, people from Republika Srpska can support our organization’s projects by giving payments to the KM account: 5688061340001652.

Glas: “You have been awarded many times for your humanitarian work. Which of them are your favourites? “

Rasula: “ We definitely love most those that we get from the kids of the families that we helped, in the form of drawings and paper collages. Besides, I’d like to point out the blessing of the Serbian patriarch, Mr Irinej, which we got in 2010, as well as the special award of the Serbian Orthodox church, received in 2014. We have received numerous Thank-you- papers from the Orthodox church eparchies, mayors, Serbian communities, etc.

Стони фудбал за породицу Симић

Glas: “How long does your organization exist and what is its goal? “

Rasula: “Charity organization “Serbs for Serbs” has existed since 2005, when the Serbs all around the world gathered primarily around the idea that the Serbs living all over the planet help Serbian families in need, especially those with five or more children in Serbia, Republika Srpska and the Balkans in general. At the beginning, the organization acted informally, but in the following years, the official committees in Serbia, Republika Srpska, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the United States were formed. “
“Serbs for Serbs”in Republika Srpska

Glas: “Does your organization have its representatives in Republika Srpska do you get donations from Republika Srpska? “

Rasula: “ The organization “Serbs for Serbs”is officially registered in Republika Srpska since 2008. Its base is in Pale, but there are many members and volunteers in Prijedor, Doboj, Banja Luka, Lopare, Bijeljina, Visegrad, etc. Donations are also given on monthly level from the dozens of donors from Republika Srpska, and , thanks to the good cooperation with Pale municipality, our organization enjoys the humble financial support from the municipality itself. “

House for the Zivkovic family

The organization “Serbs for Serbs” from Republika Srpska has started the humanitarian project of building a house for the six member Ilic family from Doboj. The Ilic family consists of father Radoslav, mother Nada, their children Dragan and Dragana, daughter-in-law Tatjana and grandson Sergej. They lived as subtenants in the house which was destroyed in the floods, and now they’ve bought a stretch of land close to the place the’re living in at the moment. In the humanitarian organization “Serbs for Serbs” they said they’ll help the Ilic family with providing the material for the house building, so that this family gets the roof over their heads by wintertime.


This humanitarian organization has donated a used tractor , 8000 KM worth, to the Gluhovic family, at the end of August. Nenad and Maja Gluhovic have nine underage children and they cultivate 40 acres of land. For years , they’ve done it all manually. They are hard working, so they go and work at their neighbors’ land for daily wages. In most cases, they don’t get paid for their work, they get firewood or hay instead.

When we first visited them, They asked, if possible, that we buy them a tractor, so they could earn enough for living. It was done.

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