July 08, 2010

Help for Milutinovic Family

After visiting family Danjek in Ravno Selo village, the road continues about 20- km away to the village Pivnice and family Milutinovic our old acquaintances that we visited last fall and gave them goats and chickens. This time we bought two pigs. Unfortunately big family like Milutinovic still living in very difficult conditions. Parents' wages whenever the opportunity arises, but it was enough for only one meal a day.

Very difficult situation, a little better after buying goats and chickens by our organization but still not good enough. Children are malnourished and many appear to have at least three or four years younger than their peers. This time we got to play second football match-Milutinovic "Serbs for Serbs," but we only exchanged a few passes with the children.

It should be recalled and that several young Milutinovic are mild mentally handicapped, while the youngest member who has only two years into something more difficult condition. Tp Milutinovic, we deliver a package of two quilts that were donated by friends of our organization.Good news in all this is that the pigs will get piglets for a month and we hope to contribute as much as improving their existential situation.

Thing that made us very sad is image of very rich houses that surround the Milutinovic family home and that Milutinovic neighbor watching lions and other similar statues placed on neighborhood fences. We simply do not understand that people from the same village, same street, who certainly know the very difficult financial and social situation in which Milutinovic live, are not able to carry them one potatoes, tomatoes and a glass of milk to children and at least to had the second meal during the day. However, as children and the father of Milan say''how is God will''. For our part, we help up that the family create the conditions to work and survive.

In early October we will find out how much the new piglets they got. Our odyssey ends after visiting St.Sava endowment. Kovilj monastery dating from the 13th century.

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