November 12, 2010

SfS helped the families Milić and Marković

Serbs for Serbs visited two families last week. The first one was family Marković from Leskovac. They have seven members, father Goran, mother Olivera and five sons: Vasilije (2), Jovan (5), Dimitrije (8,5), Petar (9,5) and the oldest Georgije (12). Their father thinks that perhaps the reason for the lack of female child is a fact that Serbia will need soldiers to defend the homeland in the years to come.

 They live in a very difficult situation in one bedroom apartment, and the monthly income is 18 000 dinars. SfS provided what they needed most – washing machine and stove.


We also payed their electricity bill, bought the diapers for the youngest child, and several cough syrups. They also received some of the basic groceries from the football fans “Delije North” . Both the families Milić and Marković got the books of orthodox thematic.


Mr. Goran gave us a present, 3 rosaries which he made by himself. He also thanked everyone who helped them and asked all the people of good will to contact him or to make a payment to his account.


Our next stop was the village Velika Sejanica, not far away from Grdelica. The Milić family is one of the poorest in the area. The family members are father Ranko, sons Nikola (10) and Aleksandar (20), and daughter Jelena (18,5). After giving birth to Nikola, their mother left them, so Jelena had to take her place in the house. Thus we focused primarily on helping her. We provided a freezer for the storage of food, and the new stove Smederevac to help them get warm through the winter. This was especially important, because the children used to get cold because of the bad heating.

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