December 31, 2011

Marija Tunic Birthday

Small but with Big heart Tunic Mary,  lives with her family in Calgary, Canada, she just turned her twelfth birthday.Since her family is part of an organized group of Serbs from Calgary that separates its regular contribution for years to the organization Serbs for Serbs, she decided to make a contribution.

How? She decided to give up gifts for her twelfth birthday, and instead of the gifts from her friends she requested money this year, which will  be send by her parents to Charity organization Serbs for Serbs. At her Birthday party she managed to raise $ 270 which was forwarded to the account of SZS.

Thus, thanks to small-big Mary Tunic, some good, poor, and many Serbian families in Kosovo, the Serbian Republic or Serbia, will be happy for New Year and Christmas, because their parents will be able to buy food and other necesary things and all this from the voluntary contributions of little Mary and her friends.

Mary,  thank you from my heart for the good work and know that your example will help other children and adults to realize the joy of giving to those who who are poor.

Happy New Year to all of you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Alen Djelic -Canada    12/17/11

(This is just one part of the letter we received from our friends in Canada)

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