June 24, 2015

Magic of “Trojka” in Priboj!

Report: SfS Belgrade /PHOTO GALLERY/
On Sunday, June 14 on the school fields in Priboj one of the best “Trojka iz bloka” tournaments this year was held! The citizens of Priboj on the sport-charity manifestation collected 125.278 dinars, 20.028 dinars on the tournament, and 105.250 dinars thanks to the sponsors and donors who participated in the project!

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs thanks its proud sponsors, donors and techical sponsors headed by the Priboj municipality and the Sport Association of Priboj, to the volunteers and all citizens of Priboj who came to the tournament in great number and showed they can help their fellow citizens in trouble. The school fields were not sufficient to host everyone who was attracted by the noble idea of “Trojka iz bloka”! We were dancing, singing, shooting three-pointers, celebrating life and the hope in better future!

President of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs Igor Rasula opened the tournament, and Archpriest-Stavrophor Marko Papic, head of the Temple of the Resurrection of Christ from Priboj, addressed the gathered crowd afterwards and greeted the lovely gathering by talking of peace, love and fraternal harmony. He put a smile on everyone’s face by his presence and wise words. After him the atmosphere was set on a higher level when the young Zorana Salipur sang the anthem of the Republic of Serbia, “God of Justice”. The last one to approach the microphone was Natasa Milicic who delighted all the present by reciting the poem of Ljubivoje Rsumovic – the “Toast to the Serbian People”. Young sportsmen Radislav Lakovic and Bojan Grujicic who are playing in the Handball team Pozega, found the time to support the noble action in their hometown, and open the tournament by shooting the first three-pointers.

Approximately 100 contestants applied for the tournament. It was a competition in which it was important to participate, not to win. Everyone applied, from the youngest to the oldest, the fairer gender, older neighbors and forever young in their hearts. The programme in Priboj was run by the hosts of the “Trojka iz bloka”, cheerful and smiling boys from one of the most popular rap groups in Serbia – THC La Familia.

Bore and Stefan had a nice word for each shooter, they were cheering the shooters, and called for the greater number of the applied ones. The citizens of Priboj did exactly that! In the end, the wonderful and talented boys rapped the victory song of the basketball reprezentation of Serbia – “Play and Win”! All people were on their feet! Bore and Stefan continued, and performed another hit – the song “I got burned”. Everyone was singing with them! The musical support and the most responsible for the wonderful atmosphere on the fields near Lim was DJ of the group THC La Familia and the official DJ of “Trojka iz bloka”, the charismatic Sale L, who found a song for everyone. During the final series, all gathered came down from the stands and watched the shooting. The energy was almost tangible!  

Priboj and the Sport Association of Priboj commenced the realization of “Trojka iz bloka”. They donated 35.000 dinars, and thus gave a bright example to their citizens. The number of proud sponsors was rising, until it reached the number eight! Dekor Priboj, Vertigo Club, Bookmaker Soker, Caffe Bar Jin, Caffe Quorum and Gurman restaurant donated each 7.000 dinars, while Bojic bakery and Palma catering donated each 10.000 dinars. The donors were also STUR Jela – 3.000 dinars, STUR Restoran 5 – 1.250 dinars, SUR Miki – 2.000 dinars, and in the donor box set in the Priboj Gymnasium was 1.450 dinars collected by the pupils. Technical support came from the printing office Lav which printed the posters for the tournament, Minos caffee and Milko Janovic catering who provided parasols, Elementary School “Vuk Karadzic” which provided electricity and the Cultural Centar which provided top sound system on the tournament. Television Priboj and Radio Lim were the media sponsors of the tournament in Priboj, broadcasting the event from the first until the last day, and on the very day of the tournament they were with us on the field and recorded everything. The most popular Internet portal of Priboj also reported of the tournament and called upon the citizens to attend in great number.

The best shooters on the tournament on the fields near the river Lim were Marko Bozovic – first place, Stefan Gligorijevic from THC La Familia – second place and Marko Ivanovic – third place. We congratulate the winners and those who contributed to the unforgettable tournament in Priboj. This energy gives us the strength to move on, confident in the mission of “Trojka iz bloka”. Priboj has a task to outdo itself and the high standards it set the next year, and it should not be an issue. Priboj remains the bright star on the sky of “Trojka iz bloka”!

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs thanks again its proud sponsors, donors, techical sponsors, organizers and volunteers! We have great memories from Priboj and the desire to see each other again next year! Until then, take a look at the photo gallery from Priboj on the official Facebook page of “Trojka iz bloka”, and follow our website on which we will inform you of further actions!

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