October 31, 2011

Lazar's gifts to Serbian children

Yesterday Lazar and his family celibrated his first birthday. Lazar raised $360 for children in Serbia!

His mother had nice idea how to help and support SFS and help Serbian children.

Dear friends,

As we all are aware there are many Serbian children who go to bed hungry, and who do not have the basic living conditions, they are practically forced to live below the minimum of human dignity. These children are in needed of food, toys and clothing more than our son Lazar, so we decided to donate Lazar’s birthday gifts to Serbian children from Krajina and Kosovo.
If you were planning to bring a gift, instead of gifts bring a modest donation which will be delivered to unfortunate multi-member Serbian families. You can check out web site www.srbizasrbe.us to find out how much we collected and to whom assistance was delivered.

Thank you our dear friend.
We are looking forward to seeing you all and together celebrating happiest day of our lives.

Sinisa and Zeljka

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