January 21, 2011

Laptop computer awarded to All Honors Student

Marina Jovanovic from Leposavic, received a gift Laptop computer delivered by Organization "Mother of Nine Jugovich" and donated by Organization "Serbs for Serbs". Visitors of website for soup kitchen's remember the story of Marina Jovanovic, senior student at Medical High school in Kosovska Mitrovica. besides the horrible conditions that she lives in and all of the horrors in her life, she has somehow managed to be elected as the Honor Roll student 3 times at her High school. The problems for her family still persist, but she never looses hope, she tries as hard as she can to be the best student.



She says that the story about her life on the website of Organization "Mother of Nine Jugovich" resulted in a certain number of people offering help for her, but the actual help did not arrive yet.

The Laptop computer gift she received from Organization "Serbs for Serbs" has brought nothing but joy to her. Computer will be extremely helpful for future education if she has enough means and funds to continue. Marina also wanted to express gratitude and thanks to all of the people involved in providing necessary help she needs, wishing them joy, health and happiness so that they can continue their work and efforts in helping all of the Serbian people in KiM.

We would like to remind everyone interested in helping the Jovanovic family, you can contact them directly 064-235-1733. Also, you can send a donation to account, name: Srdjan Jovanovic 1160626602000105 PRO CREDIT BANK OF KOSOVO.

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