September 13, 2010

We purchased a house for family Danjek

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On the day dedicated to St. John the Baptist 11th September, from Belgrade this trip started team of four ,members of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs ,our destination Ravno Selo Village (Flat village) (municipalities of Vrbas), where we successfully completed another major project planned by organization for the current 2010. Seven-member family Danjek received today in the permanent property an old house in Ravno Selo- Village, where faith is slowly returning to normal and peaceful life. House and property were paid a total of 4500 Euros, of which our organization provides 3,000 Euros. And this time, the biggest thanks goes to our donors throughout the world who support another action in a series of successful humanitarian projects!


During Saturday's morning, representatives of the Organization went along with our great friend Petko Koprivica, longtime TV Backa eminent journalist and the daily newspaper Politika, to take the last scheduled payment of 1500 Euros to buy a home seller was Lazar Jaksic also from the village. After receiving the signed certificate from Lazar we are coming into the house of the family Danjek as the first guests now officially in their new home! However, even though the house itself was built more than 80 years, it is certainly a new hope and a new beginning in life of this anguished Serbian family and especially Sasha Danjek head of the family.

 Visualy happy children waited for us impatiently outside the house, along with parents Sasa and Smiljka and grandmother Jelisavkom. For children we have modest gifts in the form of candy. Sasa , as always, very warmly welcomed us and host us. In a friendly conversation, family Danjek repeatedly was thankful for our help. Unfortunately, grandmother Jelisavka left her treatment of cancer in Novi Sad, in order to be with the children while Sasa work. To remind, Sasa, with almost 20 years went from Backa peaceful village on the first line of battle in Herzegovina where the next four years of selfless struggle and sacrifice on almost all fronts to defend the Serbian people.

When Shiptar/Albanians started terrorist attacks in Kosovo and Metohija, Sasha rushed again to put an end to worldwide injustice and participates in the defense of his Fatherland and holy Serbian land. Only ten years later, the same country and the vast majority of Serbian people turning their back when Sasha and his family needed protection, assistance and brotherly hand. But not us!


Just before the end of our friendship Family Danjek presented an proposal that we could not refuse. In fact, they insisted that our organization be godfather at the baptism of their childrens. Kumstvo we are pleased to accept! After a short interview to TV Backa we left family Danjek and move towards Belgrade. The light at the end of the tunnel is much closer now, unlike the period a year ago. Our organization has promised Danjek family to provide animals for breeding when the conditions are.


 On the way back to Belgrade,we stop by the monastery Kovilj, the endowment of St. Sava in the 13th century. It was built for the glory and honor of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. The current monastery church was built in the Serbian-Byzantine style. After burning candles, we start our way to Belgrade more motivated to help vulnerable Serbian families and wake up of the Serbian people, in our neighborhood and around the world.

 With faith in God,


Stefan Ječmenica

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