September 17, 2010

We have made a bathroom for family Krunić

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Krunić Jovan (8 years) and Jovana (6 years) living in Kasindol (Eastern Ilidza) with father (Rade/he is physically disabled) and brother Dalibor (21 years). Mother abandoned them and brother, Zarko (22 years) long time ago moved with grandparents, he spends most of his time in the woods working on the difficult tasks because it is the only thing the youth of this country manages to find as the only source of income.

Because Rade is are not able to take care of them, Dalibor is the only person who can help kids, but since he has no permanent work it is very hard for him to managed to feed them. Center for Social Work East Ilidza often helps but that is not enough in a family where there is absolutely no income except for occasional Dalibor’s daily paid jobs.

Dalibor is trying hard to help children and prevent social worker to take them from family home. Since the house is unfinished, they do not have bathrooms so that children are sick of the mite, which forced Dalibor to realize that children do not maintain proper hygiene and seek someone who will help him with a bathroom. So the director of the Center came to us asking how we can help.

Since our organization this summer in addition to the regular big actions in Krajina and Kosovo, started two major projects (buying houses and tractors Danjecima/ Ekmečić) and all this after action for Pavlovic family (we help them to complete the house) For Krunić family we have tried to finish this action at the local level so we don’t overload the already planned.

How ESTIMATES of private shops specializing in bathroom amounted to almost 3,000 KM, we gave up right at the beginning of it and went to look for donors to help us in the material.

Aware of the fact that the manual work and labor in any case have to paid, between colleagues at work I have assembled a 490 KM. We hereby thank everyone again, especially as these same people supported the campaign about family Ćodo. Since that money was spent to labor 400 KM and the rest is left to the necessities that were lacking.

Colleagues and friend did for monetary donations to buy the water heater. Our campaign has joined the local Red Cross East Ilidza who was contacted by colleagues from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted and allocated funds for Dalibor bath.

Our regular donors from Italy Angelo and Gordana gave the sink, toilet bowl and tap. They prepared some clothe for children.
Stanisic DOO Pale (owner. Stanisic Aco) donated plumbing material in an amount of 50 KM.
Gradjenje DOO. (Owner Popić Zoran) donated 30 m2 of wall and floor tiles.
Glue we received from STR Paints and varnishes (vl. Jugovic Aco).

Thanks to all these good people a tiny Jovan and Jovana will be able to take a bath when they want as their peers.

In front of organizations I once again thank everyone and I hope that many will join us in our work for a better future of our children.

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