November 14, 2010

Help for Victims of Earthquake in Kraljevo

The Serbian National Defense Council of America, in keeping with their overall mission to grant aid to Serbians in unexpected circumstances, as those circumstances may occur has begun an initiative!

SND is calling upon all Serbian Americans to help with necessary aid to the affected region of the city of Kraljevo and its surrounding areas.


To help the most sorely affected families, who have lost their homes and had their communities devastated by the earthquake.  Serbian Americans can send donations through the Serbian National Defense Council of America.  Mark your donation with the words “EARTHQUAKE IN KRALJEVO”.

The extraordinary events of the earthquake in Kraljevo requires immediate help and the Serbian National Defense Council of America (SND) has taken it upon themselves to collect donations to be delivered quickly, through trusted channels, so as to stabilize the situation for housing, basic shelter and basic needs, before the onslaught of winter.  The goal of SND is to do what we can quickly, to ease this difficult and heartbreaking situation as much as possible.  Please help us in this effort.

Your donations can be sent to:

Serbian National Defense Council of America
Earthquake Fund
5782 N. Elston Avenue

Chicago, Il. 60646-5546

Or through our PAYPAL account on our Website. 

The Serbian National Defense thanks you for your efforts on behalf of the victims of this tragedy




November 20 , 2010 at 6pm in monastery New Gracanica fund raising for Kraljevo !

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