August 25, 2010

Krajina will live!

Krajina will live!

Report: Predrag Marinkovic / PHOTO GALLERY

With join forces on Saturday ,August 14th we conducted another in a series of major humanitarian activities in the area of Serbian Krajina.In this great joint venture in addition to ours organization, three more fraternal organizations participate: Serbian Society Foundation -Slovenia (€ 250), humanitarian organizations Nemanjić Ticino -Switzerland (700 €) and the Serbian Orthodox Youth SPOJI Innsbruck -Austria (300 €).Our organization in this action participated with € 2,100. We helped people in the area of the places Lapac, Gracac and Srb helped 9 Serbian families with 22 children under the age of 20 years.

Total donations for this action were more than 3300 Euro

For that amount we managed to obtain the following assistance:

- 3 stoves
- 1 combination cooker gas / electricity stove
- 2 washing machines
- 2 refrigerators
- 10m ³ of firewood
- 1 bed


In addition to the main help we provide extra help for children : books of saints, the best Serbian fables, short stories, fairy tales, school supplies, games, clothes, candy, balls and toys.

The beautiful landscapes ličkih hills, pastures and mountains greeted us early in the morning after entering the land of Krajina. Unfortunately idyll ended the burned and destroyed Serbian homes to which they are powerless watched the road, and I believe that if they could speak, they would say what we probably all know.Among all of us was left a bitter taste in the mouth because of the beauty of a country that for centuries was Serbian, where our ancestors hundreds of years kept Serbs and Orthodoxy, which is now deserted and left to someone else who does not deserve.

Upon arrival in the Lower Lapac soon found the house where was the father Predrag ,this way we thanks for the hospitality and great help in organizing and implementing this initiative into action. After a brief elaboration of the plan and three friends from the "Foundation" come to us and slowly we move to work.  The first family we visited was a family from Gracac Trbojevic located at hour drive from the Lower Lapca.  Two children, twins Stephen and Mary raise aunt Gordana with her mother. For this family we intended to donate a wood stove while kids received gifts in the form of toy, books and candy.

After visiting the family Trbojevic we went to the bank where we paid for ordered home appliances, it will be delivered to all families in the next week.  Since we had more finance left we went to the close store where we buy school supplies and candy for children.

Out trip taking us further towards place with nice sounded-name that sound just like people and name testifies about the people that lived here for centuries, and unfortunately today only survives-it is a place Srb. In Srb we were welcomed by polynomial family Djilas which is composed of six small children from the youngest Sladjana (month and a half ago) by Miroslav (2 yr.), Stefan (3 yr.), Radmila (5 yr.), Milica (7 yrs.) And Predrag (9 yr.). Small Djilas were very pleased with our visit, and especially balls and sweets .Father Radislav real host, although materially poor, he insisted that before our arrival at their home he roast a lamb, which was his way to expressed their appreciation for the visit and the help we intended it. In addition to gifts for children we intended combined stove for this family. After socializing with the youngest ones and I have to mention excellent lamb, the way we continue on.

The rest of the families we planned to visit and support are located in the Lower Lapac and vicinity. Before entering the Lower Lapac we come to the house of Milorad and Vera Kovacevic and their two children Dusan (8 yr.) And Natasha (14 years)Milorad Kovacevic, a former member of the Army of the Republic of Serbian Krajina have very difficult life. Occasional he work part time are that is the only source of income. Milorad on all of us leaves a positive impression of their firm and steadfast positions to stay and persevere in their centuries-old homes and keep the faith of grandfathers. For Milorad and his family we planned to donate fridge and sofa, and for children as in previous cases, books, school supplies , sweets.  And in this house we were welcomed, the way only Serb welcomed its guests.  Father Predrag had to leave us briefly for private business, and we find the following two families with the help of Milorad, which started as a guide with us and stayed with us until the end of our actions.

Fourth family in a series of families was the Rasheta family .Parents Snezana and Milan with sons Zora (21 yr.), Goran (20 yr.), Lazar (17 yr.) and Natasha (11 yr.) Live in very difficult conditions. Social support and the son Zoran, which deals with a bit of cattle are the only sources of income.Disease and poverty have left a visible impact on the family. Little Natasha is suffering from epilepsy, but as we learned from father Predrag after staying in one of our monasteries and reading the prayer for the recovery of God it stop attacks and we hope it will remain so. For Rasheta Family we intended a wood stove while the children received books, candy and school supplies.

The most difficult situation we found in the family Bibic. The family lives in inhumane conditions in two dilapidated rooms, where residents Milan father who is a nervous patient and unable to work with his wife Nada and children Mirjana (14 yrs.), Slobodan (16 years)and little Ivan (10 years)The family survives on welfare and children's allowances. Unfortunately more than one washing machine and gifts for children we are not able to provide. With words of support for family we move on.

We come to our acquaintance from our past actions grandmother Milica and her granddaughter Milanka (15 year) For Milanka we bought some clothes and gave her a book and some candy.  The main part of the aid for our Srpkinje(Serbian ladies) was 10m of firewood, which we expect to arrive next week. We also saw and a wood stove that we provide to them last time and with which they are delighted.With the promise that we will see tham again, we move on .

Next stop was the family Ljiljak where young Valentina and Stevo live with three children, Tijana (8 yr.), Dario (7 yrs.) Danijela(2 yrs.).Stevo was not present and we were welcomed by his mother and his wife Valentina and their children.Children are of course, like all the other happy for sweets and toys, while the young parents are certainly happy for new washing machine which we prepared as a donation for them.

Slowly leaving municipalities shortlisted Lapac and move to other two families from our plan for assistance. Before that, on proposal of Fr. Predrag who joined us again in the meantime we visited the Church of St. Ilija /Elias, dating from the late eighteenth century and is one of the oldest in the region. For me it was particularly interesting because the first priest in the church after the expulsion of Turks from these regions was my namesake.  The church has suffered major damage after the second world war by the Communist fifth column, and now with a great effort by Fr.Predrag it slowly getting back the old glory.

Nearby in the village Nebljusi we visit family Bubalo. Parents Milan and Jasna livie there with her two little son Rade (3 yr.) And Daniel (2 yr.) and as well with Milan's parents.While part of our team sat with the oldest members of the family Bubalo and talked about their current problems, we tested a couple of the youngest with sports skills . While the children were happy with ball we believe that also the oldest members of this family will be happy with wood stove that we intended for them.

Visibly exhausted but not with lack of energy and enthusiasm we are going to the last family that we planned to visit in this action. Repac family consisting of father Vladimir, mother Zorica and children Vladana (3 yr.) Radovan (less than a year) we helped this family with a fridge.With greetings to the family we are successfully completing the action.

The position of the Serb people in Krajina, remains critically difficult. As in Kosovo and Metohija, our nation is in danger in the area of Krajina, exposed to various types of harassment, and the inability to obtain adequate employment. Krajina is not thousands of miles away from Serbia, and even less from the Republic of Srpska, Slovenia, Montenegro ... It's not the end of the world, and every one of us / you can visit at least one family in the Serbian Krajina.  Bring support to them at least with our presence ,help those heroes who are determined to return and survive on our grandfather land.  Wake up and start doing something useful because it’s not only Kosovo-Serbia!


Са вером у Бога, With faith in God,

Предраг Маринковић

Predrag Marinkovic




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