May 29, 2011

Krajina will exist as long as the Serbs exist...

Serbian youth once again showed its unity in action. Gathered around several organizations, led by supreme goals in our fight for better position of the Serbian people, we have jointly conducted another action for help the endangered Serbian families in Serbian Krajina. In second joint action (the fifth for our organization), the members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Serbia, and Serbian society Zadužbina from Slovenia in the field, as well as Charity organization Nemanjići-Tićino from Switzerland and Serbian Orthodox Youth Innsbruck from Austrija, which helped financially, conducted a long planned action in Lika in Serbian Krajina from 20-23rd May. We visited and helped 10 families with 25 children, thanks to our mutual work and fraternity.

We raised 4.600 EUR to help those families, and we spent the money on the spot for the satisfaction of their needs, but we also brought some household appliances, packages of clothes, footwear, bedclothes,  dishes, toys and books (donated as a special aspect of help by the Serbian society Zadužbina).
The list of help:
Construction material
Sheep 4
Lambs 4

Laying hens 21
Double-decker beds 2
Mattresses 6
Chairs 4
Firewood 10m2
Construction material for moisture sanation

We went from Belgrade, met our friends and the members of the organization in Vukovar, and then headed to our first destination Korenica in Lika. Early on 20th of May we arrived at our hosts, where we should also meet the friends from Zadužbina. After the short break, planning of action for that day and general information of the terrible condition of the Serbian people in every aspect, we visited our first families for that day.
Željko Šuput and Milan Panić, our old acquaintances, welcomed us in Korenica. We have helped their families several times last year, and the situation of Željko and Milan is yet to be solved. We must remember that they were unjustly convicted for the alleged war crimes, and they have spent a certain time in prison. In two weeks time the court will announce a final decision, whether to set them free or send them back to prison, and that will shape their and their families' destiny. We sincerely hope that the court will set them free, and that those two men will be able to get on with their already difficult lives with their families. Family Šuput received from us the construction material for the sanation of the floor in the children's room and a refrigerator, while family Panić got the construction material for finishing the house.
Our action continued with family Prica, also a family from our last action. They thanked again for the previous help. The Prica family manufactures quality and very tasty cheese, which we had the opportunity to try. Unfortunately, one of their cows died, so they asked us to hel

p them buy a new one so they could keep manufacturing. We decided to help them get one, so that they could improve their difficult socio-economic position using their own effort.
Our action continued in municipality Donji Lapac, where we visited family Stajić. A single mother Marijana lives with her father, sister and two children: Radomir (13) and Darija (11) in a pretty old house. This family is about to get a new house, so we decided to give them most of the money from Serbian society Zadužbina. We donated several appliances: washing machine, refrigerator and an installed stove. We also brought wardrobe, toys and books for the children and bedclothes for other members of the family.
Early on 21st of May we continued with the action in Donji Lapac, visiting additional six families. The first family we visited was the family of the man who became our friend, Milorad Kovačević, who was our guide during the previous action. They welcomed us in an incredible way. We agreed to get them a construction material for the sanation of moisture.
On our way from Lapac we stopped by to see Jovo Vujin, to buy 4 sheep and 4 lambs for the families Rašeta and Ovuka. We donated 2 sheep and 2 lambs per family. We have already helped family Rašeta, and this time we informed them that we have provided the help they needed. They still live in difficult conditions, and the youngest child Nataša, who has epilepsy, asked us to get her a computer the next time we come, so that she could forget her uneasy life. Her brothers Goran and Zoran were delighted after we sent them the souvenirs of FC Red star we sent them after visiting them last year.
We managed to visit another two families. We had many obligations, so we visited an old lady Milica and her granddaughter Milanka for only a moment and delivered firewood.
We met new family – Jandrija Ovuka and his family returned after being the refugees, and now they are renting an apartment in Donji Lapac, because the children must go to school. Father Jandrija expressed his desire to live in his modest estate in the vilage near Donji Lapac, and to grow cattle in order to provide for his family. We gave them two sheep, two lambs and 10 laying hens. We bought sweets, toys, clothes and footwear for the children.
The next family we visited is family Jazić. They are also returnees as the previous family, and they have three children, but we hope they will have even more. We provided a table and 4 chairs, as well as two mattresses. Their sons were very happy after we bought them football ball. We spent time talking to the parents and practicing football actions with children in an improvised field in the backyard.

We finished the action in the most numerous family, and a mascot of our actions in Krajina, the Đilas family from the place of incredible name Srb. The family had six children, but they will get another one, and perhaps even two. We congratulate this family, whose neighbors provided them a new washing machine. We bought two double-decker beds, which was a logical choice, so that their small army could have the necesarry comfort. They welcomed us in the best way possible, so we could officialy finish our action.
Upon return we went to the church in Donji Lapac, and attended the liturgy. After that we visited the renovated monastery Donji Budački in the village under the same name in Kordun.
The position of the Serbs in Lika remains difficult and full of uncertainity, which is unfortunately expected in the territories outside Serbia. They find difficult to find a job, and they have problems in claiming their civil rights. Our organization will continue to help the Serbs in Krajina, together with the fraternal organizations, in order to help them stay in their centuries-long homes, but also to improve their socio-economic position. This is an appeal to all the associations, organizations, individuals and state institutions not to forget the Serbian people in Krajina which has suffered a lot, so that each of the appealed play its role in improving the position of the Serbs.
We use the opportunity to thank all the fraternal association, our donors and individuals who helped us with their participation, hospitality and devotion, and enabled the action in Krajina as we planned it.

With the faith in God,
Predrag Marinković

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