September 28, 2010

Serbs for Serbs in action on the holly Serbian Land

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NO SURRENDER! These are for the Kosovo Serbs two very large and difficult words. It was hard to use words and pictures to describe how these people live and how much power and will they need to keep this parole and remain in their homes in Kosovo. In a joint effort Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, Serbs for Serbs from the U.S. ($ 1,000), Serbian Orthodox Youth Innsbruck SPOJI Austria (300 €), Humanitarian Christian Community My joy from Germany (620 €), Forum Serbian elite, Orthodox brothers from Russia and Greece, and many friends of the organization from Serbia take a part of our eighth visit to Kosovo and Metohija again in Štrpce we helped six Serbian families, soup kitchens and Saint Sava elementary school in the amount of 2,800 euros.



Representatives C.O.Serbs for Serbs from  Belgrade with the priest in Strpce

Four representatives from the charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade with the help of our great friends from the organization C.O "mother of nine Jugovica" went the way to Strpce and Sar mountain early on the morning of 25 September. The first family we visited in this action are brother and sister Ljubicica and Goran Ilic from the village Borzani. In an old house where they now live alone ,both sick and without any income they tried to explain to us how they survive so far and despite not having a penny of any assistance. We have provided immediate assistance for Goran and Ljubicica, in the form of a bed and refrigerator that will temporarily make easier the daily living needs.

Goran Ilic and Ljubicica in front of there family home with our representatives

The road continues to the village Vrbestica  where we visit seven-member family Milosavljevic.  Dusan father and mother Planinka and their five daughters, Milena (22), Sanja (21), Maja (18), Natasha (18) and Sandra (8) live with no support and certainly the greatest problem is the acquisition of their necessary medications for their daughter Natasha that suffers from epilepsy. Like with Ilic family  we provide same help to Milosevic family  we purchase bed and refrigerator.


Representative of SFS Stefan Ječmenica with Milosavljevic family.

Berevce village and family Antic with four children - Darko (10), Marko (8), Stefan (6) and Viktor (4) .At the home of family Antic we stayed little longer, where we entered into the conversation with father who is currently processing other people's land and that is how he make a living. Father of little Antic’s has his farm on which we agreed to try to make a barn, and that we will in our next action make an attempt to provide them with some of the cattle so that he can support themselves. Until then we provide to family Antic one washing machine and a bed.



Representative SFS Milos Golic with little Antic’s

The house of Stanojevic Golub in the village of Sevce we are visiting the following family of five children: Dusan (13), Nikoleta (11), Veljko (8), Dejan (7) and David (3). Head of the family was not at home but we are in the conversation with his wife learn that the father work all day for the wages ,t they have two cows, and that also without any income and since they abolished child allowance barely make ends meet and live in the very old and dilapidated house. Since in the house with them live and parents of Golub Stanojevića we decide to buy two beds and refrigerators to this family.




Representative SFS Mihailo Makanjić handed small gifts to Stanojevic family

Familie in the village of Vica, Milosavljevic  have 5 members of whom three children: Milijana (23), Jelena (19) and Milos (18) and all three are good students. Milica oldest graduated from Law school and wanted to continue her education but it simply does not have conditions, and the father of the family is already 4 months in Belgrade, where he works in a private company, but he did not get a salary for 3 months. We decided to help this family by buying refrigerators and washing machines.



Milosavljevic in an conversation with Milos Markovic

The story that has shocked us all and very impressed is story of family Milenkovic from Susica. Five brothers Dragiša (30), Radisa (29), Slavisa (25), Ivica (22) and Alexander (19) live alone. Their father died, and there mother is currently being treated in a psychiatric hospital and the tragedy is even bigger a few months ago their sister committed suicide. Very very difficult situation and scary atmosphere in the house Milenkovic who welcomed us with tears in their eyes could leave no one indifferent. Barely speaking  any words we are into agreements with them to help this time by buying two single beds. After leaving their home we decide to supply them with basic food if possible for a short time to make their life easier.

On the way back from the village Susic we visited the family Simanović from Gornje Bitine which our organization in the Christmas campaign this year bought a cow. To our delight, not only that the cows is there but there is the little calf! This family is working hard and is a true example that this donation was a big hit! On the way back to Gracanica, in agreement with representatives C.O. "The mother of nine Jugovica" we decide to  buy a refrigerator for a bakery in the village Prekovce, and el. stove and water heater for the Elementary School Saint Sava in place Paralovo.


Total support for families:
7 beds
2 washing machines
4 refrigerators
12,577 dinars for food

For public kitchen and school:
A fridge
1 el. stove
A water heater

7 beds
2 washing machines
5 refrigerators
1 el. stove
A water heater
12,577 dinars for food

Unfortunately, it seems that the situation in the enclaves in Kosovo and Metohija is worse! Child allowances and social assistance are repealed, the number of users of public kitchens is growing, Shiptar government abolished the Serbs any communication (final action interrupting the telephone line is happening at the time of writing). Day by day there is less hope for the survival of the Serbian people in Kosovo, while the rest of Serbia is currently pre-emptive other perverse social issues and events. We hope that  asleep and misdirected energy of the Serbian people will soon wake up and allow a simple biological survival of the Serbian people.


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