July 09, 2010

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Dear honored Serbs for Serbs,
Really many times in the previous years, my family and me have planned a trip to Serbia, to visit the graves of the members of our family, to meet the old places where we've spent our childhood, to see friends, cousins and others. Has to be mentioned, too, we have left our born place when the new communists in the latest 1980's caught almost all positions in the establishment, when all others who thought different might be treated as enemies of Serbia. After the years of sanctions, internal wars in Krajina, West and Eastern Slavonija and Bosnia, our nation has been put to the terrible destruction like no other before within the 78-day of the bombardment by the NATO and 19 world richest countries. DU weapons have been deposited over the territory of Serbia. More then 2,500 innocent people were killed; the civil facilities, bridges, factories, infrastructure, etc. were completely destroyed with the predicted loss of more then $ 20 Billions. After all, the national tragedy prolonged. Since 2000, when the "new democrats" came on the top, when the Hague's tribunal arrested almost all leaders of the former SCG and Serbia, the world chives allowed the new Balkan country to be established. In total, 20 years of the continual destruction of the Serbian nation are left behind.

In such and similar dark thoughts, stricken by a little fear, after 23 years, my family turn back to Belgrade for the vacation. And more of that, with a sly hope that we would be able to settle down or the like? At the beginning of July, in the Serbian Capital, the Assembly of the Serbian Diaspora had a plenary session in the House of the Parliament. Many words might be heard. From the small people and the top Government positions, the significance of our Diaspora regarding aid was accented. Members of the Diaspora elected their chief. However, sad thoughts on the situation in our Serbia with more then a million of unemployed inhabitants, extremely high prices of the food on the market, captured by the bank loans with average salary of about $ 300, an ordinarily family cannot survive.

Going to the South of Belgrade, the situation is more inferior. On the other hand, the Serbian Diaspora hasn't got better chances to be involved in aiding native land then before. No need to go deeper, but it has to be mentioned also that the disunity of our Diaspora stays the same and it is still the obstacle considering the power of more then 3,5 million Serbs worldwide that doubtlessly exists. On the sunny and worm days that we've spent our time in visiting many institutions, places in Belgrade, friends and others, unfortunately smiles couldn't be seen. For the elders, kids, known and unknown people, only the concern about the "next days" is in their heads. Opposite of that, the similar nightlife in the bars on the Sava River coastlines cannot be found elsewhere. So, what to suggest in the moment, that might be the question?

In July 2010, in the heart of Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija, some doctors, pour Serbs and other minorities stayed the targets of the Kosovo Albanian terrorists. The Government of Serbia inlayed efforts, but only through the mount. In spite we've had a wish, no courage existed to visit somebody there. So, since I've met you four years ago and monitored your activities later on, the Serbs for Serbs Charity is the only one who can honestly help. God bless you honored Serbs for Serbs. Go ahead. All of us worldwide will be with you. That is the only way to save the nation in the motherland. Yes, the Serbian kids are the only future of our nation.

D.Draganic, Melbourne, AUS

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