March 07, 2013

Joy of children in „Serbia“ on Pale

Several months ago I participated in a seminar which dealt with the spiritual growth of a child. Therefore we came to an idea that us, the teachers, apart from the parents, can be most influental upon the development of the personality. In the conversation with the representatives of the organization World Vision from Sarajevo, I came to an idea to present the work of our organization through the realized projects, and encourage them to cooperation.

Thus I offered participation and realization of the project in which we could gather the children from large and socially endangered families with children who have good conditions, and special children with normal needs (children with special needs, as some people call them), and show how it can all look like together „when the brothers are united“, as the psalmist says.

We organized an action for 30 socially endangered children in the elementary school „Serbia“ on Pale. Thanks to the organizations Serbs for Serbs and World Vision, a total of 50 children from 5 to 13 years from the municipality Pale were gathered. On this occasion we were relying to the festivities of Christmas and St. Sava, which always brings joy in the hearts of children.

It commenced on February 1 around 11, by making greeting cards, and writing of desires of those little ones, who were thrilled to do that. We continued the socialization by making the cave of Bethlehem and decorating the room. It was ended in a lobby of the school. We surprised them by making the show. With songs and dancing, we delivered gift packages to all the socially endangered children who were present, 30 of them.

All the desired written on the greeting cards were tied to the balloons, and sent up in the sky, with the hope that there is someone above the clouds who can hear all our needs and give the comfort and answer to them. The value of the action was 1.000 KM, of which we paid 75 KM for the balloons, because it made incredible joy and brought smiles of those little angels, and woken the hope in them. Our aim was to show that the holidays can be happy for everyone.

We owe the thanks to the principal and the personnel of the school, who couldn’t hide their enthusiasm for witnessing this great event, taking place in our facility with the most beautiful name. We are ready to continue this Godly work, and we thank for cooperation to the representatives of the organization World Vision and all the people of good will, in the hope that each day might be a joy in the hearts of every child, so God help us.


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