November 12, 2016

Jeremic family from Ruma got a valuable help

Exactly four months after the realization of one of the most successful tournaments this year, ‘TROJKA IZ BLOKA’ held in Ruma on the July 2nd, representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs once more paid a visit to this humble place located in Srem district. The reason of this revisit was one of the best ones so far – thanks to the funds raised in the above-mentioned tournament, we have successfully finished our humanitarian action to help nine-member Jeremic family consisting of grandma Milica, her sons Dejan and Goran, Goran’s wife Danijela and their five children Milos (13), Marko (12), Nemanja (10), Jovana (9) and Lazar (3). This is one hardworking family which never gave up fighting against all troubles that came upon them when Goran’s brother Dejan, lost his leg more than a year ago. Expensive medical examinations and even more expensive therapy for Dejan’s leg gave Goran and Danijela troubles with every day functioning and raising their five underaged children. But they have accepted this new situation and gave their best efforts to continue with their daily routines as much as possible.  Milos, Marko, Nemanja and Lazar during our first visit in July During the first visit to this family, in July this year, it has been planned to help them by reconstructing children’s rooms, buying new beds for children and providing the family with small livestock so that the family could continue breeding them. However, our host Goran was ready to provide himself with the livestock and he was ready for full cooperation, so we accepted his proposal. During our first visit to Jeremics  Problems with moisture and joinery in Jeremics house (July 2016) Goran also proposed that he could do himself all the work in the house, so thanks to his offer we succeeded in saving tens of thousands RSD, which would be the cost of hiring professionals. Changing the old, decrepit joinery and installation of PVC windows Youngest Lazar decided to paint his room and help his father As always, what we said four months before, we have done it! Two children rooms were completely renovated, isolation was put, new PVC windows were installed together with new laminate flooring, beds, mattresses and bedsheets. The value of the help provided for the Jeremic family was 302.089 RSD. But thanks to sponsors, donators and participants of the tournament ‘TROJKA IZ BLOKA’ from Ruma, 339.050 RSD was raised and the rest of the money, 36.961 RSD was used in helping other families which Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helps through the project ‘TROJKA IZ BLOKA’. Laminate set, new windows, painted rooms, new bedsheets... Youngest Jeremics happy on their new beds in reconstructed rooms New PVC joinery and isolation on Jeremic's house We are grateful to all residents of Ruma who helped with their good will and participation in the tournament ‘ TROJKA IZ BLOKA’ in their city. We would also like to give special thanks to companies and individuals which helped the project ‘TROJKA IZ BLOKA’ in Ruma with their donations. People still talk about the first ‘TROJKA IZ BLOKA’ held in Ruma and with much enthusiasm and positive energy which the brave Jeremic family gave us, we promise another, even bigger spectacle next summer. Be a part of the project ‘TROJKA IZ BLOKA’ because, CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE!

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