November 01, 2010

How many more need to be silent?

Representatives of humanitarian organizations Serbs for Serbs visited on 28 October notorious Ustasha camp Jasenovac on their way to help families in the Republic of Srpska. Based on the place where hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Serbian mothers and children, today there's only a stone monument, broke up a wooden path leading up to it, the remains of the railway, which has worked to ''transport people and goods'' in only one direction, and based of the camp, which is now converted into a training center. Deafening silence of death awaited us at the blood-soaked Serbian land.

 We pray to God that the Serbian people never again find in a brick oven or on the edges of Ustasha knives. We pray to God to never make any camp in which the Serbian people continue to disappear at an accelerated procedure. We pray to God that the Serbian people never forget their suffering, persecution and pogroms.

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