March 03, 2015

Houses built for families in Lopare

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As part of their big FIGHT AGAINST FLOODS project, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped families with children affected by the May floods and landslides which occurred in the municipality of Lopare in the Republic of Srpska. Three houses were built in this aid action for three families: Gasic, Mitrovic and Jokic. The total value of the aid was 52,365 BAM.

Youngest members of Gasic family

The Gasic family from the village of Pirkovci, Lopare municipality, lived in the basement when the landslides occurred and covered their unfinished house, built on the sloping ground. In their case, it was possible to continue the construction over the basement, in order for the floor to be above the ground. Members of the family are the parents, Cvijetan and Marina and their six children, two of the daughters being married. The children still living with the parents are: Dijana (23), Risto (18), Vinka (14), and Ivana (9). There are other family members living in the same household: Cvijetan’s parents, Diko and Pelka and his brother, Risto, whose wife had passed away. Risto and Snezana have two children, Danijela (11) and Blazenko (10).

Gasic family in front of their old single-story house

Cvijetan suffers from spine problems and he moves with difficulty. Before the May floods and landslides they had built a house without finishing the roof construction; they had furnished the interior and moved into an inadequate living space. Terrain in the whole hamlet is sloped. In the May landslides, the earth covered their living space. They managed to remove the earth manually. In June, there was another round of heavy rainfall causing the water running downhill to bring dirt, which they needed to clean up again.

Works on adding a story onto a basement

Cvjetan’s brother, Risto lost his young wife who left behind two small children. Marina takes care of the two little ones. The new upgraded house will solve their problem of living space, which will no longer be covered in debris when there is bad weather.

Members of Gasic family in front of their upgraded house

Single-mother, Milosava with her children in their old house

The second family that we helped is the Mitrovic family from the village of Koraj. The single mother, Milosava Mitrovic is on her own, raising four children: Perica (18), Stojanka (16), Dragana (9) and Drazen (7). With the support and engagement of their neighbors, they built a house, but they didn’t finish it. She lost her husband, Miodrag when he went hunting and stepped on a land mine and died. Milosava did not give up. Her unfinished house was completely damaged by the landslide during the adverse weather conditions in May. It was not leveled, but it is unsuitable for living. She also lost terrain where she could build another house.

Landslide made living in the house impossible for Mitrovic family

At the moment, they are housed at the village veterinary clinic in Mackovac. Milosava’s income is 130 BAM a month, which is insufficient for the needs of the family. She worked for a wage in the village when there was work to do, and they praised her to be hard-working and honest. The municipality of Lopare provided the family with a building lot in the same village where they are currently living and the house was built there. 6,500 BAM was paid to construction workers for building a new home for the Mitrovic family.

Laying foundations for constructing a new house for Mitrovic family

Newly built house for Mitrovic family

Cracked walls on Jokic family house

The third family that we helped was the Jokic family from the village of Piperi, consisting of the parents Sreten and Ljuba, their three children, Danijela (19), Nedjo (17), and Marko (12) and the grandmother, Cvijeta. Sreten suffers from trichinosis. Beside his family, he also supports his mother, who went blind in her old age, and his wife’s mother, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

In May, the hill above his house started sliding, which also caused the house to move. The house was not leveled, but the Geological Committee estimated that the Jokic family could no longer live in the house. The Jokic family lives in poor conditions with no income whatsoever.

Foundations built for new Jokic family house  

New Jokic family house is due to be finished soon

The big FIGHT AGAINST FLOODS action continues. The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs calls upon all fraternal organizations, donors and people of good will in Serbia and worldwide to get involved in the action by donating money into one of the accounts of the organization - Also, you can look at the reports on the aid delivered to PARACIN, TRSTENIK, VALJEVO, KRALJEVO, OBRENOVAC, SVILAJNAC, VELIKI CRLJENI, KRUPANJ, VELIKI CRLJENI PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 3, BIJELJINA, BIJELJINA PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 4, OBRENOVAC PART 5, OBRENOVAC PART 6, DOBOJ, OBRENOVAC PART 7, OBRENOVAC PART 8, PRIJEDOR, SEKOVICI, BANJALUKA, SMEDEREVSKA PALANKA and KRUPANJ PART 2.

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