September 03, 2014

House upgrading for family Srdic begins
Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited on Saturday, August 2, a six-member family Srdic from the village Amajlije near Bjeljina in the Republic of Srpska. Unfortunately, the family lost the wife and mother Dragica who suddenly died and left behind husband Marinko (45) and children Bojan (17), Milan (13), Ljubisa (12), Mirjana (10) and the youngest Dusko (1). Thanks above all to the donors and friends of the organization from Canada, Serbs for Serbs provided a donation in the amount of EUR 2.200, which would be used for the house upgrading.

Father Marinko is unemployed, but he works as a butcher when there is a need for one in the village or surrounding area. The family has an income of KM 110 (EUR 55) of social benefit, which is not enough to sustain the needs of five minor children. After Marinko was forced to leave Drvar in 1995, he settled near Drina in the hope for a better life.

The situation worsened after his wife died three months ago. In our conversation with the family we came to a conclusion that the family needs upgrading of the house. They have a temporary tin roof, which is leaking, and causing the moisture on the walls.

Unfortunately, during the floods when the rivers Sava and Drina spilled out, the Srdic family along with people from several other villages near Bjeljina were hit by it.

The donation SfS brought will commence a new project of building a house for the Srdic family. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs calls upon all the donors worldwide to get involved into the new action of helping the Srdic family, and other families in the Republic of Srpska who need our fraternal help.  

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