February 06, 2015

House upgrade for the Siljegovic family

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At the end of December, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Prijedor went to see the works on the house upgrade for the Siljegovic family of seven from the village of Miljakovci near Prijedor in the Republic of Srpska, which started at the end of October. The Siljegovic family consists of father Milivoj and mother Tanja and their five children: Tatjana (18), Vedrana (16), Jovana (14), Nevena (10) and Luka, the youngest (2). The overall amount of the money spent on the construction material is 9,225 BAM.

The old prefabricated house where the Siljegovic family currently lives

Regular monthly income is only 105 BAM of the child support. None of the parents is employed, but the father, Milivoj, cuts down and sells firewood and waits tables, and he often works in construction for a wage in order to earn the most necessary means to support the family and send the children to school.The mother, Tanja, sometimes does part-time jobs in a company in Prijedor, but this is not a regular income for the family because they only need her when there is work to do. The family owns two horses, which Milivoj takes to the woods and they also grow poultry and pigs which they sell and manage to earn some money this way, too.

The condition of the newer house before starting the works on the upgrade

We have to mention that we are talking about a very hard-working family. Although they live in modest living conditions and a very modest house, everything is tidy and neat. Furthermore, the daughters are very good students and Tatjana, Vedrana and Jovana are good athletes, too. Doing taekwondo, they have won many medals in national competitions. The oldest one, Tatjana, who is finishing medical school next year, wishes to study medicine at university, and we hope that there will be a way for her to continue her education.

Talking to the family, we have found out that they have two insoluble problems, one of them being the education of their children, and the other moving into a new home where they would have normal living conditions. The family currently lives in a small prefabricated house. The house is of bad quality and, as they say, the lock freezes on the inside, too, although they burn wood to heat the house. Several years ago, with the help of their friends and separate donations of local private companies, they started building the new house. They also sold a cow to continue with the construction, but they soon ran out of money so the construction was stopped. By then, they had managed to pour the concrete foundation and build the first floor. Considering the circumstances mentioned, we decided to start the action of finishing the house for this family.

Considering the approach of winter and possibly the bad weather, we started working immediately. It was necessary to pour the first floor slab and build a roof construction before the bad weather, and interior works can be continued during the winter.

It is worth mentioning that the father of the family, Milivoj, having experience in the construction industry, alone and with the help of his friends did all the construction works, so our organization only helped with the purchase of the construction material. Milivoj himself said: “All I need is the construction material, because I can’t afford it, but I have my own two hands, I’m willing to work, and I’ll have no problems doing all the work by myself. I don’t want someone to build a house for me and move me into it with me just standing there watching.”

Working diligently, the first stage of the works was finished by mid-December and the house got its final form and, as befitting, we were invited to suitable lunch following the roof construction.

Part of the construction material for the upgrade and adaptation of the house

As we have already mentioned, the help was only in the form of the construction material, more specifically slab clay blocks, building blocks, cement, lime, metal framework, sawn lumber, and beams, and also gutter and drain installation. We also have to mention that the family got the terra cotta tiles as a donation.

What follows this stage are the interior works, applying mortar and installing the electrical and plumbing wiring and pipes and windows and doors installation. We expect to start with this second stage soon. We are going to use this opportunity to ask all donors to give their contribution for the action of building another house, which will be started and carried out by the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs.

With faith in God!

SfS Republic of Srpska

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