October 09, 2015

Help to Savics from the Republic of Srpska

In the previous period Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS has successfully helped the seven-member family Savic from the Snjegotin village, Celinac municipality in the Republic of Srpska. The oldest member of the family is grandma Slavojka Savic, and then her son Vukosav who has four children with his wife Snjezana: Nikola (16), Vladan (14), Marko (12) and Mladen (10). We provided family Savic with pluming material, a package of food and hygiene, as well as accommodation with meals in the school dormitory for the oldest son in total amount of 1.849 KM.

Marko and Mladen Savic with their pets

Family Savic lives in an old family house which is in a bad state, and has only the ground floor with two rooms, of which one is a bedroom. Apart from many financial problems, family Savic doesn’t have running water in the house. They bring the water from a well which is approximately 600 m away from the house. The parents are not permanently employed. Vukosav is working in the forest for a wage and mother Snjezena is taking care of the children together with grandma Slavojka who is receiving a pension in the amount of 160 KM, which is the only regular monthly income.

Package of basic foodstuffs and hygiene for family Savic

Members of family Savic with packages of basic foodstuffs

The grandma’s greatest concern is her oldest grandson who is living in a school dormitory, and as she points out, she doesn’t know how long they can live in such a manner. The pension is too small in order to provide the basic things to the children, so they asked for help in food, accommodation of the oldest son in the school dormitory and resolving the problems with the water. A few days after our first visit we sent a package of food, and afterwards we paid the accommodation and meals for the entire school year to young Nikola.

Mladen Savic is helping while entering the groceries

After the two actions we commenced the project of bringing the water from the nearby well from which they were carrying water before. We bought pipes at the beginning, while in the meantime the Savics dug the canal for the pipes themselves.

Water pipes arrived at Savics

The canal was dug from the well to the first pool which is 720 m long, while the altitude difference is 90 m. The plan is to bring the water from the pool to the house by free fall in the length of 500 m.

The canal through which the water should come to the house

Setting of pipes and digging of the first pool is in progress, and that will unfortunately mark the end of the project in this year due to the lack of funds. We hope that we will continue the project as soon as possible, and buy the pump, cable and the remaining material in order to bring the water and finish the entire project of help to the seven-member family Savic.

Family Savic is grateful for great help received in the previous period, and they hope they will soon get all the necessary material in order to finally have the water in their home.

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS
calls upon all the friends and donors of the organization to get involved in the action of collecting money for helping this and other socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families.


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