September 15, 2015

Help to family Okilj in the Republic of Srpska

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped a year ago a six-member family Okilj from the settlement Pticijak near Rogatica in the Republic of Srpska by providing wood-burning stove and a package of food. Members of the family are parents Dragan and Gordana with children Andjela (6), Nikola (4), Andrea (3) and the youngest Kristijan (2). Another trouble came when the old machine broke down, so we bought a new washing machine in the amount of 439 KM. We also previously bought a package of food in the amount of 324.28 KM.

Their house was burnt down at the end of June last year and they are currently living in Pale in other people’s house with Gordana’s mother. During the war Dragan Okilj came to Rogatica. His family managed to buy the house in which they all lived. The Rogatica municipality helped them in recovery of the desolation and at first time the family thought that they would be able to come back to their home.

Gordana asked us then to help them in buying the washing machine once they moved. She had been using her mother’s she couldn’t carry, because it was old and worn out.

The family was grateful for another help they received.

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS calls upon all friends and donors of the organization to get involved in the action of collecting the means for helping this and other socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families.

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