June 11, 2014

Help to family Jovanovic from Kladurovo

Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited and helped at the begining of June a six-member family Jovanovic from the village Kladurovo near Petrovac on Mlava. The help consisted in four goats and two young goats. The total amount of the help was 10.000 dinars and 165 EUR.

Members of family Jovanovic are parents Zoran and Svetlana and the children Nikola (14), Stefan (11), Ivana (7) and the youngest Marina who is a year old. A devastating fact is that the family doesn’t have electricity in its home (therefore, no refrigerator, freezer...) nor water (and therefore, no bathroom nor the washing machine)!

They own 4 ha of land, of which 1 ha is fertile. They have no mechanization, so they have little use of the products from their estate.  

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