December 31, 2011

Help is arriving for the Filic family

The Humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs, thanks to donors and people of good will who answered our call for help, have delivered help to the Filic family from Kosovo and Metohija in the value of 250,000 dinars (aprox. $3,300 u.s.) as part of the existing Christmas charity action. The aid, most of all, was in the form of furniture and appliances for the home to be delivered when the remodeling of the home is complete. The renovation of the home is being financed by the organization Majka Devet Jugovica (Mother of Nine Jugoviches) from Gracanica. Also, our organization was able to order help in the form of medicine and emergency materials for paramedics in Ocojanu near Pec. The complete list of items ordered for this aid effort are listed below:

Help for the Filic family:
1. Kitchen elements-appliances
2. Electric Stove
3. Washing machine
4. Sofa set (3 pieces)
5. Three piece dresser
6. Wood burning furnace (2)
7. Dining table (1) and chairs (4)
8. Bed
9. Commode
10. Water heater (boiler)
11. Rug (3)
12. Blanket (3)
13. Wood burning stove
14. Vacuum cleaner
15. Iron

All of the materials ordered for help were obtained in Gracanica at the store SI and Kristal, who at this time we would also like to thank. Also, at this time we settled our account balance at these stores from previous charity projects completed in August of this year.

Help for the paramedics in Osojanu:
- medicine and ambulatory materials in the value of 104,393 dinars (aprox. $1,400 u.s.) The required money for these purchases were collected at the Humanitarian Dinner in Canada, for which we would like to take this opportunity to thank our generous friends in Canada.

 Report: SfS Belgrade, Serbia


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