June 19, 2012

Help for the Urošević family

Report: SFS Belgrade /SERBIAN REPORT/
On Sunday, May 27, the representatives of our organization visited again the refugee family Urošević in their new home in Veliki Mokri Lug. They moved more than a month ago from the refugee camp in Krnjača into the newly built social apartments in Veliki Mokri Lug. The aim of our visit was to deliver them dishes and small packages of groceries and hygiene. The help we delivered was donated from the friends of the organization, first of all Mr. Bane, who is one of the most active friends-donors.
The situation of the family Urošević is still rather complicated, despite the fact they moved to the suitable apartment. They have problems with food supply, because the family recieves no social help, and they don't have any income. Each member gets one meal in the social kitchen. The city promised to provide a job in a utility service for one of the members of the family, but they haven't fulfilled that promise.

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