November 24, 2013

Help for the Serbs in Krajina arrived

During the last couple of days, we successfully delivered last part of the help for the families in Krajina, whom we visited in the middle of June, in the scope of the Easter action. Due to the slow inflow of funds, we delivered help to family Buncic and additional help to family Ljubicic, respectively, with the delay. We provided a cow for family Buncic, in the amount of 1,000 EUR, while we also delivered a window for the four-member family Ljubicic, after obtaining a bed earlier.

In order to provide help soon after visiting the returnee families in Krajina, and to visit the great number of families, we call upon all the donors to support our activities according to their possibilities.

Please, support the ongoing actions, and especially the big Christmas action for the Serbs in Krajina which will take place in the begining of the following year.

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