October 04, 2011

Help for the Ratković family from Banja Luka

REPORT: Friends from Prijedor, Republika Srpska /BILLS/
On Sunday, 18th September 2011, we visited the family Ratković from Banja Luka, the first visit of the organization after two years. They had twelve members, but thanks to God, they now have another daughter. The members of the family are father Zlatko, mother Mirjana and the children: Đorđe (17), Aleksandar (16), Jovana (14), Milica (12), Teodora (11), Vuk (9), Mihajlo (8), Dušica (6), Marija (4), Katarina (3) and Sofija, almost a year old.
The whole family welcomed us, and they were happy and smiled. It was unbelievable to see eleven brothers and sisters playing in the yard, so we couldn't stop smiling as well.
Father Zlatko is the only employed, and he works in a drinks cellar. However, he could be fired soon. The biggest monthly expenditure is the installment loan, approximately 400 KM. They needed to conclude a loan when they were building a house, and then after the flood. The state promised to help them, but that never happened.
When we asked them about the type of the help they need, mother Mirjana complained that this was the first time she couldn't provided everything her eight school children needed for school, such as books. Thus we decided to spend the largest sum on the books and school equipment, 400 KM. Since it was Sunday, and the bookstores weren't opened, Zlatko promised to take a picture of the books and send them to us when the books arrive. We also bought sneakers for Đorđe and Aleksandar, and groceries and hygiene as a short-term help.
The total sum spent in the action was 742,40 KM:
  • 400 KM for the school equipment
  • 90,80 KM for two pairs of sneakers
  • 251, 60 KM for the groceries and hygiene.
We felt the need to commend the house and the yard with the playground, made by Zlatko. The house remains to be finished (they must put the isolation), and they also need several rooms, because 10 of them are sleeping in a single room in six beds.
Mirjana and Zlatko Ratković are the parents who deserve our respect, and our organization will continue to help them in the attempt to make their life easier. They are tired, but also determined to fight for their children.
We want to thank again to all the donors from Prijedor and the Republic of Srpska, because the money for the last two actions (families Ratković and Kesar) was raised from the personal donations, charity party in Prijedor, and the selling of t-shirts.
With the faith in God,
friends from Prijedor

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