September 27, 2016

Help for the Radosavljevic family from Obrenovac

The Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs helped the multiple-members Radosavljevic-Milic family from the Grabovac neighborhood, from Obrenovac. The members of the family are parents Dragan and Sanja and their children: Sofija (13), Vasilisa (5), Nikolay (4), Jovana (3), and Lazar (1). Last June, due to a promise to replace the roof of the house that was in pretty bad condition, we visited the family as agreed. After the family reached out to us, the Organization has made a decision to also upgrade the attic so that there would be more rooms for the children. The total amount of the help sums up to 591.556 rsd. The resources for this particular action were sent from the Gracanica church-school district from Windsor, Canada. The help was sent in mid June in the total amount of 60.000 dollars.

The Radosavljevic family in July, 2016.

The Radosavljevic family in September, 2016.

In the year 1995, during war, Sanja left the Knin area with her Milic family. Before entering the marriage with Dragan Radosavljevic, Sanja had a daughter Sofija. Both parents are unemployed. However, Dragan works as a part-time painter, whenever he gets a chance to get the job. The family receives monthly social help in the total amount of 19.000 rsd with the addition for the children in the amount of 10.700 rsd. Although they did external insulation of the house in 2013, the biggest problem they were faced with was the humidity in the house, which could be seen on all the walls and ceilings, and the reason for that humidity was the very poor condition of the entire roof structure.

The beginning of the work, removal of the old roof

The upgrade of the attic

New construction being placed

The placement of the tiles on the new roof

New iron plates being placed – the protection of the lastavica and a chimney

Lazar, Vasilisa, Jovan and Nikolaj enjoying their new attic

The mother Sanja with her children Sofija, Vasilisa, Nikolaj, Jovan and Lazar in their new attic where they will fix up their new rooms in time

We welcome all the people who are willing to help to make a donation and join the projects of the Serbs for Serbs Charity Organization with the aim to make lives better for the socially endangered multiple-members family throughout the Balkan territory.

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