April 17, 2012

Help for the Ljiljak family delivered

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, in the cooperation with the branch in USA, conducted the first part of the great action of helping the 11-member family Ljiljak from the village Neuzine near Zrenjanin. This family was expelled in the action Storm from the Serbian Krajina, and after several difficult years of refugee life on Kosovo and Metohija, it has finally found its home in the small village in Banat. The representatives of our organization from Belgrade and Novi Sad visited family Ljiljak at the end of March.
The help we provided consists of:
  • refrigerator
  • wood-burning stove
  • electric stove
  • freezer
Total value of the help was 80,496 dinars.
That was the first part of the help we provided for the Ljiljak family. During the visit, we agreed to get them the appliances every household needs: chairs, closets, beds... We will also try to help them in building the stable and setting the greenhouse in their yard.
Our members from Novi Sad brought the books of Orthodox thematic for the youngest, who were happy to get them.
We promised the family to come again soon, with additional help.
Children are our future!
With faith in God,
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs

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