December 01, 2016

Help for the Krstic family from Boljevac

The day of November 27th was a busy day for members of the Charity organization Serbs For Serbs. Together with representatives of the sports federation of the Boljevac municipality, they were at their final visit with the seven members of the Krstic family. Thanks to the funds raised through the tournament Trojka iz Bloka held on August 2nd, we were able to assist the Krstic family in insulating the external part of their home before the winter. 83,560 din ($706.69 USD) was raised through the tournament, and another 1,500 EUR ($1567.72 USD) was donated by Serbian volleyball star Jovana Stevanovic. The total funds raised comes out to 285,930 din.

 The material submitted for the external insulation of the house

The father, Dragan (55), had recently suffered a stroke, and not long after that the family had also lost their grandfather, Vukasin, father of Dragan’s wife Suzana, who was the rock of their family. While Suzana has dedicated herself to taking care of her husband 24-hours a day in the old home of her husband's parents in Aleksic, her mother Nada, takes care of and raises their four kids: Stefan (25), Danica (23), Dimitri (13), and Djordje (10).

 The facade of the house set

Thanks to the repairs done on their home, the Krstic family will be spending significantly less money on heating during the winter time. Seeing as the winters in this part of Serbia are known to be long and harsh, the grandmother Nada says that this help was, “the right wind in the back for her family”.

 Stefan, Danica, Dimitri, and Djordje with their grandma Nada

Three Trojka iz Bloka tournaments, three assisted families, twenty kids” smiles full of true thankfulness- that is the success achieved through the past three years of working with participants, sponsors, and donators. It is clear each year that because of this success the Trojka iz Bloka tournament is becoming more popular and more massive manifestation in the city near the river Arnauti. This is also the best way invite all people from this area, in even greater number, to support and take part in future sports affiliated humanitarian projects.  See you August 2, 2017 in the small town at the foot of the magnificent mountain Rtnja!

 Group photo with the Krstic family in front of their home

Be apart of TROJKA IZ BLOKA too!

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