November 13, 2013

Help for the Ispac family

On Sunday November 10th members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the Ispac family for the second time. After assessing the family’s situation during the first visit, on this
occasion with the donations we received for the family, we were able to provide them with some essentials as well as a modest monetary donation. Before spending time with the family and playing with the Ispac children for some time, we presented the family with some goods that we collected from donations.

The family received clothes and shoes for the children and Mrs. Ispac as well as toys for the children, two stools and a television. In addition Mrs. Ispac received a modest donation of $150 to help her complete the rent for the month. Our efforts to help the family get on their own feet continue. Our goal is to help Mrs. Ispac find an economical apartment as well as employment for her. Please help us in our efforts to help the family, if you know of any employment opportunities please contact us. We hope that our efforts to help the family are fruitful; with your help we are certain that will see the family in more stable ground soon!

With God on our side anything is possible!

Serbs for Serbs - Chicago

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