February 18, 2015

Help for the flooded in Sekovici

On 26th December, there was a charity action in Sekovici, Republic of Srpska, in which the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs delivered a valuable humanitarian aid to 11 families with children, whose homes were damaged during the May floods. As part of the Fight Against Floods action, we delivered aid consisting of 3 washing machines, 3 freezers, 3 fridge freezers, 2 electric stoves, 4 beds with 4 mattresses, 3 sofas, 2 wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, a set of table and chairs in the total amount of 7,600 BAM. The action of aid in Sekovici was supported by the Stara Raska Charity organization.


We thank the municipality representatives who helped us visit the families and deliver aid. All appliances are of the Beko brand, with five-year warranty, and they were delivered thanks to the friends of our organization from BG Elektronika Bijeljina.

The following is a list of the aided families from Sekovici, the aid received and its value.

1. Zekic Miroslav (chest freezer) - 538 BAM (two children)
2. Pejic D. (electric stove, 2 beds with 2 mattresses) - 697 BAM (three children)
3. Zekic Mila (fridge freezer, washing machine, two sofas, a table and chairs, a wardrobe) - BAM (three children)
4. Perendic M. (washing machine) - 436 BAM (four children)
5. Zekic Z. (chest freezer) - 538 BAM (two children)
6. Djordjic Lj. (washing machine, upright freezer) - 1.007 BAM (two children)
7. Mitrovic S. (fridge freezer, electric stove) - 820 BAM (two children)
8. Trivkovic D. (fridge freezer) - 415 BAM (four children)
9. Djuric Lj. (double deck beds with mattresses) - 770 BAM (two children)
10. Klisaric Z. (kitchen cabinets) - 190 BAM (two children)
11. Vukovic M. (a wardrobe, a sofa) - 394 BAM (four children)

The big Fight Against Floods action continues. The Serbs for Serbs Charity organization calls upon all fraternal organizations, donors and people of good will in Serbia and around the world to get involved in the action by donating money according to their possibilities into one of the accounts of the organization - www.srbizasrbe.org/donacije. Also, you can watch the reports on the aid delivered to PARACIN, TRSTENIK, VALJEVO, KRALJEVO, OBRENOVAC, SVILAJNAC, VELIKI CRLJENI, KRUPANJ, VELIKI CRLJENI PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 3, BIJELJINA, BIJELJINA PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 4, OBRENOVAC PART 5, OBRENOVAC PART 6, DOBOJ, OBRENOVAC PART 7, OBRENOVAC PART 8 and PRIJEDOR.

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