August 24, 2011

Help for the family in Novi Sad

Report: Mladen Matijašević, Serbia /BILLS/

After visiting the family of Ivana Došen-Konc in June, (ENGLISH REPORT) the representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs decided to visit them again, and try to help them. In our previous conversation with Ivana we realized that they need most a refrigerator and a double decker bed.


Thanks to the activist of SfS from Novi Sad, we managed to buy the necesarry things. The family members told us that the oldest son Kristijan (16) took participation in the Trumpet festival in Guča this year. We expect him to become a professional musician very soon, and help his family afterwards. We were also happy to find out that little Vesna almost begun to walk, and that she will get rid of her last diaper very soon.

We left the family disappointed, because we couldn't do more for them.


With the faith in God and better days, Mladen Matijašević

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