April 12, 2012

Help for the family Grahovac

Report: Friends from Prijedor /SERBIAN REPORT/ /RECEIPTS/
In March we conducted another action in a row in the area of Kozara. This time we helped the war veteran Branislav Grahovac and his family, who live in the village Lamovita near Prijedor. The family consists of Branislav, his wife Dragica, a son Njegoš and daughters Adrijana and Stanislava. Both daughters are married, but their financial situation is difficult, because their husbands are not permanently employed. Branislav asked us to help him, because they have sold almost everything they had, and now they are in a difficult position.
Although our organization is concentrated on helping families with many children, we decided to help Branislav, after having realized what kind of person he is. Branislav was a soldier since 1974 until 1999, when the Army of Yugoslavia dismissed him, and he has been unemployed since. He spent the war in Slovenia, Croatia and B&H. During the war, Branislav's pancir has been hit 17 times. We should mention that family Grahovac has helped several families from Republic Serbian Krajina after the operation Storm. Dragica used to work as a cook, but she had to stop due to health problems.

The bigest problem of the family was a debt for the electricity which they couldn't pay, so we decided to pay the debt and also the services of the lawyer, in the total amount of 871.60 KM. Branislav promised he would keep paying the bills.
We want to express the thank to all the donors of the organization from family Grahovac!
With faith in God!
Friends from Prijedor

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